The subjects chosen for this second volume have been carefully selected by the international editorial board to cover new, important progress in this fast-developing field. With contributions from many prominent researchers working at the frontiers of the chemical sensor field, the book provides up-to-date information and inspiration to all readers.

Table of Contents

Palladium Gate Hydrogen Sensors (I. Lundström). Properties of Pd-Gate Heterostructure Diodes for Hydrogen Detection (Zheng Li and S.J. Fonash). Fabrication of Integrated Thin Film Semiconductor Gas Sensors (A. Grisel and V. Demarne). Ozone Detection by In2O3 Thin Film Gas Sensor (T. Takada). Stability of the Sensitivity of SnO2-Based Elements in the Field (Y. Nakamura). Air/Fuel Ratio Sensors Using Perovskite-Type Oxides (H. Arai and Y. Shimizu). Electropolymerized Films as Chemical Sensor Materials (N. Oyama). Design of Polymer Electrolytes-Based Humidity Sensors (Y. Sakai). Humidity Sensor Using TiO2-SnO2 Ceramics (T. Yamamoto and K. Murakami). Electrode Reactions in Potentiometric Gas Sensors (M. Kleitz and E. Seibert). Development of ISFET Using Glassy Solid Electrolytes (Yu.G. Vlasov and Yu. A. Tarantov). Integrated Multibiosensors Fabricated on SOS Chip (T. Kuriyama and J. Kimura). Enzyme Embodies Electrode. A New Amperometric Biosensing Device (S. Yamauchi et al.). Optical Immunosensors (M. Aizawa et al.). The Molecular Recognitive Component of Chemical Sensor Selectivity (M. Thompson et al.). Use of Bacterial Magnetite for Biosensing (N. Nakamura and T. Matsunaga). Biosensing Using Calorimetric Devices (I. Satoh). Index.


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