Key Features

  • conceived and edited by Roberta Shepherd with contributions from internationally renowned expert clinicians and researchers
  • discusses new research and new evidence-based treatment interventions
  • shows how to organize very early and intensive physical activity in young infants to stimulate motor development and growth
  • therapies include the specificity of training and exercise, with emphasis on promoting muscle activity and preventing contracture by active instead of passive stretching
  • methods include new interactive technologies in enhancing home-based training sessions carried out by the infant’s family
  • extensive referencing in each chapter for further study
  • chapters feature "Annotations" which illustrate scientific findings

Table of Contents

Part 1: Introduction

1 The changing face of intervention in infants with cerebral palsy
Roberta Shepherd
Annotation A: Aspects of motor training
Roberta Shepherd

Part 2: Neuromotor Plasticity & Development

2 Corticospinal tract development and activity-dependent plasticity
Janet Eyre

3 Re-thinking the brain: New insights into early experience and brain development
Mary Galea

Part 3: Impairments & Neuromuscular Adaptations to Impairments & Inactivity

4 The syndrome of deforming spastic paresis: pathophysiology, assessment & treatment
Nicolas Bayle, Jean-Michel Gracies

5 Functional effects of neural impairments & subsequent adaptations in cerebral palsy
Annotation B: Findings from a series of studies of passive mechanical properties of muscle in young children with cerebral palsy
Adel Abdullah Alhusaini

6 Skeletal muscle changes due to cerebral palsy
Richard L Lieber, Lucas Smith

7 Early muscle development in children with cerebral palsy: the consequences for further muscle growth, muscle function, and long-term-mobility
Martin Gough, Adam P Shortland

Part 4: Early and Active Intervention to Optimize Growth, Development & Functional Motor Performance

8 Early diagnosis and prognosis in cerebral palsy
Giovanni Cioni, Vittorio Belmonti, Christa Einspieler

9 Effects of motor activity on brain and muscle development in cerebral palsy
Diane Damiano

10 The consequences of independent locomotion for brain and psychological development
David I Anderson, Joseph J Campos, Monica Rivera, Audun Dahl, Ichiro Uchiyama, Marianne Barbu-Roth

Part 5: Specific Methods of Motor Training for Infants


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