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Cellular Responses to Molecular Modulators - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780125093804, 9780323145367

Cellular Responses to Molecular Modulators

1st Edition

Editor: Lee Mozes
eBook ISBN: 9780323145367
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 1st January 1981
Page Count: 580
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Miami Winter Symposia, Volume 18: Cellular Responses to Molecular Modulators is a collection of papers presented at the 13th Miami Winter Symposium held in Miami Beach in 1981 through the joint effort of the University of Miami School of Medicine and the Papanicolaou Cancer Research Institute. Separating 27 manuscripts into chapters, this book begins with a discussion on protein structure and function. This topic is followed by considerable chapters devoted to a whole series of molecules that precisely and specifically modulate a particular behavior and that can be studied in detail in isolated cells in culture. These chapters also look into the research studies on mitogen receptor cytobiochemistry, including special insertion properties and internal migratory fate after binding to effectors. Other chapters discuss the primary gene product containing the thymosin α1 sequence; the purification and production of interferons from cell cultures; the biochemical mechanisms by which interferons modulate cell behavior; and the ability of interferons to regulate natural killer lytic activity at the single cell or population level. The concluding chapters explore the distinct interferon classes by their antigenic, biological, and chemical properties. This book will be of great benefit to cell biologists and researchers.

Table of Contents

Speakers and Discussants


From Carbodiimide to Gene Synthesis

Density, Anchorage, and Molecular Modulators. A Reappraisal

On the Regulation of Eukaryotic Cell Growth: An Approach to the Behavior of Normal and Transformed Cells

Molecular Analysis of the Mitogenic Response to Platelet- Derived Growth Factor

Polyoma Host Range Mutants That Replicate in Embryonal Carcinoma Cells

Mechanism of Mitogenic Message Transmission in Hormone Action

The Extracellular Matrix and the Control of Cell Proliferation and Differentiation

The Role of the Receptosome in Receptor-Mediated Endocytosis

Na Influx as a Mitogenic Signal for Cultured Fibroblastic Cells

Growth Factors from the Platelet, the Monocyte/Macrophage, and the Endothelial Cell: Their Potential Role in Biology

Transforming Growth Factors Produced by Human Tumor Cells: Interaction with Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) Membrane Receptors

Mechanism of Action of Nerve Growth Factor

Colony-Stimulating Factor and the Granulocyte Macrophage Progenitor Cell

Recent Developments in the Chemistry, Biology, and Clinical Application of Thymosin

Production of Biologically Active Nα-Desacetyl Thymosin α1 in Escherichia coli through Expression of a Chemically Synthesized Gene

Purification and Characterization of Lymphokine Fractions Associated with Tumor Immunotherapeutic Activity

Receptor- and Nonreceptor-Associated, Lymphocyte-Derived Cell-Lytic Molecules

Biosynthesis of Thymic Peptides

How Many Interferons are There?

The 2-5A System in Interferon-Treated and Control Cells

Interferon-Induced Enzymes: Synthesis and Function in the Cell-Regulatory Action of Interferons

Mechanisms of Interferon Action on Cell Growth and on Murine Leukemia, Vesicular Stomatitis, and Encephalomyocarditis Viruses

Regulation of Cytotoxic Cells by Interferon

Inhibition of Cell Proliferation and Locomotion by Interferon: Membrane and Cytoskeletal Changes in Treated Cells

Anticellular Activity of Human Interferons

The Human Interferons

Free Communications

Reciprocal Regulation of Na+-Dependent Hexose and Na+-Dependent Amino Acid Uptake in LLC-PK, Cells: Effect of 12-O-Tetradecanoyl-Phorbol-13-Acetate (TPA)

The Effect of Bone Matrix Proteins on Glycosaminoglycan and Fibronectin Synthesis by Young Connective Tissue Cells in Culture

Levels of Ribonuclease H in Cells Infected with Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1

Endogenous MuLV gp70 Stimulation of Lymphocytes in the Athymic Mouse

Comparison of RNA-Binding Proteins of Nuclear 30S RNP Particles and Template-Active Chromatin

Nerve Growth Factor Enhances Proliferation of Pheochromocytoma Cell Lines

Lenmofin: A Lens Morphogenic Factor from Embryonic Neural Retina

Binding, Internalization, and Degradation of 125I-Insulin by Cultured Rat Pituitary Tumor Cells

Partial Purification of Phaseolus vulgaris Phytohemagglutinin Receptor Glycoproteins from Pig Spleen Lymphocyte Plasma Membrane

ACTH Induction of Cholesterol Side Chain Cleavage Cytochrome (P-450scc) in Primary Cultures of Adult Bovine Adrenal Cortical Cells

Phagocytic Stimulation in Neutrophils and Monocytes by Lymphokine Fractions

Lymphotoxin Inhibition of Cell Growth Is a Result of Cytolytic and Cytostatic Responses by the Cell

Effects of Somatomedins on Myoblast Differentiation

Proliferation of Sertoli Cells Is Induced by a Growth Factor Isolated from the Mammalian Seminiferous Epithelium

Platelet Growth Factor and Vascular Complications of Diabetes

Characterization of Cadmium and Zinc Resistance in CHO-R40F Cells

Lymphokine-Induced Tumor Regression and Cures in Mice Bearing LI210 Ascites Tumors

Transglutaminase Uses β2-Microglobulin as a Substrate on the Cell Surface

Platelet-Derived Growth Factor Is a Chemoattractant for Cultured Cells

Interferon Action: Development of the Antiviral Response to Interferon in Human Fibroblasts and Its Regulation

Cell Growth, Division, and Morphogenesis Analyzed by a Newly Developed, High Extinction Video Microscope

Effects of Cyclic Nucleotides on Morphogenesis and Lipid Metabolism in Arthrobacter

RNA Synthesis and Control of Ribonucleotide Pools

Metal Profiles during Liver Organogenesis

Tumor-Inhibitory and Immunoregulatory Cytokines Carried by α2-Macroglobulins of Mice

A Biochemical Approach to the Determination of the Cellular Origin of Interleukin 2

The Human Leukocyte Interferon Gene Family: Structure and Expression in Mammalian Cells

Characterization of Cellular Interaction with Blastogenic Factor(s) in Antigen-Specific Lymphoproliferative Responses

Cellular Responses to Molecular Modulators That Are Involved in Tumor Promotion: Phorbol Esters, Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), Saccharin, and Other Growth Factors

Highly Phosphorylated Nucleotides in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Isolation and Structural Studies of Thymosin β4, a Thymic Hormone that Induces Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase Activity in Thymocyte Populations

Kinetics of Monocyte Augmentation of Human T-Cell Proliferation and the Role of Interleukin 1

A Thecal Protein Growth Factor Which Stimulates Granulosa and BALB 3T3 Cell DNA Synthesis

Synthesis of a Brain-Specific Protein in a Lectin-Resistant Mutant of Rat Glial Cells

Biochemical Characterization of Isolated Peptides from a Lymphokine Fraction with Tumor Regressing Properties

Inhibition of Tissue Growth by Trace (1-5 μCi) Levels of 3H-,14C-, and 35S-Amino Acids

Increase in Intracellular Leukemia Virus-Specific (Peak I) Reverse Transcriptase in Interferon-Treated Cells

Antiretroviral Action of Interferon

Interspecies Hybridomas Secreting the Human Lymphokine Osteoclast Activating Factor (OAF): Isolation and Identification of Messenger RNA Species

Low Molecular Weight Inhibitors of Lymphocyte Transformation

In Vitro Synthesis of Nerve Growth Factor Subunits by Mouse Sarcoma Line SI80

Partial Characterization of a Plasma Membrane Growth Inhibiting Factor in 3T3 Cells

The Regulation of WI-38 Cell Proliferation by EGF and PDGF in Serum-Free Medium

Co-Isolation from Liver Tissue of Stimulators and Inhibitors of in Vivo Hepatic Regeneration

The Establishment of Interferon-Mediated Antiviral State: Role of Cellular Fatty Acid Cyclo-oxygenase, Superoxide Dismutase, and Interferon-Specific Changes in Cellular Phospholipids

Regulation of Protein Synthesis in Rabbit Reticulocyte Lysates by Double Stranded RNA (dsRNA) Activated Protein Kinase That Phosphorylates Initiation Factor eIF-2

Insulin Stimulation of the (Na+ , K+) ATPase in Rat Adipocytes and Development of Insulin Sensitivity in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes

Purification and Characterization of a Tumor-Derived Immunosuppressive Factor

Monocyte and Lymphocyte Products Can Inhibit Collagen Synthesis by Human Skin Fibroblasts in Culture

Interaction of Nerve Growth Factor with Receptors and Enhancement of Phosphorylation of a Cytoskeletal Protein

Transfer Ribonucleic Acids of Brain: Drug-Induced Modifications during Development

Stimulation of Quiescent 3T3 Cells with mRNA

Novel Low Molecular Weight Mitogenic Factor from BRL 3A Rat Liver Cell Conditioned Medium

Appearance of Estrogen Receptors in Rat Prostate Nuclei

Purification of an Angiogenic/Endothelial Cell Growth Stimulatory Factor from the Walker 256 Rat Tumor

Effects of Extracellular ATP on Lymphocyte Proliferation Induced by Lectins, Alloantigens, and Interleukin II

A Low Molecular Weight Cofactor Obligatory for Fibroblast Growth in Inflammatory Fluid

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1st January 1981
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