The advent of the International Space Station ISS and the exploration by humans of planets of the Solar system like the Moon and Mars is triggering worldwide interest. Space biology, a discipline familiar so far only to a restricted community, is gaining momentum. Space biologists are dealing with the behavior of terrestrial life in the extraterrestrial environment, in particular in 0 g. Several surprising and interesting phenomena have been discovered in 20 years of investigations in space laboratories. This began with so called "fishing" experiments, i.e. investigations trying to find out, without solid hypotheses, whether a biological system is altering its behavior when exposed to zero gravity. Today's space biology is a scientific discipline based on systematic studies carried out by renowned scientists. Some of the leaders in the field describe their work, ideas and findings.

This book will introduce the reader to this still young field of research which will certainly provide unexpected and significant surprises in the future.


Cell biologists, biotechnologists, engineers, university libraries, biotech companies, space agencies.

Table of Contents

Foreword (A. Cogoli). Lipoxygenase activity in altered gravity (M. Maccarrone, N. Battista, M. Bari, A. Finazzi-Agrò). Microtubule organization in altered gravity (J. Tabony). Geotaxis of ciliates and flagellates in altered gravity (R. Bräucker, R. Hemmersbach). The cytoskeleton, apoptosis, and gene expression in T lymphocytes and other mammalian cells in microgravity (M.L. Lewis). Physiological effects of microgravity on osteoblast morphology and cell biology (M. Hughes-Fulford). Osteogenesis in altered gravity (R. Cancedda). Spaceflight Bioreactor Studies of Cells and Tissues (L. Freed, G. Vunjak-Novakovic). Space Bioreactors and their applications (W. Isabelle). Space Cell Physiology and Space Biotechnology in Russia (A.I. Grigoriev, Yu.T. Kalinin, L.B. Buravkova, O.V. Mitichkin). The coming space science programme in animal cell/tissue research (R.A. Binot).


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Augusto Cogoli

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Space Biology Group, ETH Techno Park, Zurich, Switzerland