Almost thirty years after the remarkable monograph of K. Zanio and the numerous conferences and articles dedicated since that time to CdTe and CdZnTe, after all the significant progresses in that field and the increasing interest in these materials for several extremely attractive industrial applications, such as nuclear detectors and solar cells, the edition of a new enriched and updated monograph dedicated to these two very topical II-VI semiconductor compounds, covering all their most prominent, modern and fundamental aspects, seemed very relevant and useful.

Key Features

  • Detailed coverage of the main topics associated with the very topical II-VI semiconductor compound CdTe and its alloy CZT
  • Review of the CdTe recent developments
  • Fundamental background of many topics clearly introduced and exposed


Researchers in materials science, such as CdTe and related alloys fields

Table of Contents

Technology: Purification of the Cadmium and Tellurium Elements (J. L’Ecuyer, N. Audet and D. Shink); CdTe and CdZnTe Growth (R. Triboulet); Crystal Growth of CdTe / CdZnTe in Microgravity (K.W. Benz and M. Fiederle); Heteroepitaxial Growth of CdTe Thin Films (D. Lincot); Chemical Treatment of the CdTe and ZnxCd1-xTe Surfaces (V.N. Tomashik and Z.F. Tomashik); Photorefractive CdTe (J.-Y. Moisan); Cadmium Telluride Based Solar Cells (A.W. Brinkman); Applications of CdTe, CdZnTe, and CdMnTe Radiation Detectors (Ge Yang and R.B. James); Electrooptic Modulator Applications (C.J. Johnson and G.L. Herrit); Optical Detectors Based on CdTe Pure Crystals for High-Efficiency Optical Computers (P.G. Kasherininov and A.A. Tomasov)


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