The Psychology of Learning and Motivation publishes empirical and theoretical contributions in cognitive and experimental psychology, ranging from classical and instrumental conditions to complex learning and problem solving. This guest-edited special volume is devoted to current research and discussion on associative versus cognitive accounts of learning. Written by major investigators in the field, topics include all aspects of causal learning in an open forum in which different approaches are brought together.

Key Features

@introbul:Key Features @bul:* Up-to-date review of the literature * Discusses recent controversies * Presents major advances in understanding causal learning * Synthesizes contrasting approaches * Includes important empirical contributions * Written by leading researchers in the field

Table of Contents

A.G. Baker, R.A. Murphy and F. Vallée-Tourangeau, Associative and Normative Models of Causal Induction: Reacting to Versus Understanding Cause. M.R. Waldmann, Knowledge-Based Causal Induction. D.A. Williams, A Comparative Analysis of Negative Contingency Learning in Humans and Nonhumans. R.R. Miller and H. Matute, Animal Analogues of Causal Judgment. B.A. Spellman, Conditionalizing Causality. E.A. Wasserman, S-F Kao, L.J. Van Hamme, M. Katagiri and M.E. Young, Causation and Association. D.R. Shanks, F.J. Lopez, R.J. Darby and A. Dickinson, Distinguishing Associative and Probabilistic Contrast Theories of Human Contingency Judgment. P.W. Cheng, J. Park, A.S. Yarlas and K.J. Holyoak, A Causal-Power Theory of Focal Sets. J.R. Busemeyer, M.A. McDaniel and E. Byun, The Use of Intervening Variables in Causal Learning. J. Pearl, Structural and Probabilistic Causality. Index. Contents of Recent Volumes.


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@from:Praise for the Series @qu:"A remarkable number of landmark papers...An important collection of theory and data." @source:--Roberta L. Klatzky in CONTEMPORARY PSYCHOLOGY