Because of the great importance of acid catalysis in the petrochemical industry, extensive research has been carried out during the last 30 years concerning the fundamental and applied aspects of catalysis by acids. In contrast, base-catalyzed reactions have received little attention in heterogeneous catalysis. The aim of this symposium was to evaluate our knowledge of the important area of acid and base catalysis and to cover a broad range of solids, zeolite chemistry being only one aspect of heterogeneous catalysis.

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Catalysis by solid bases and related subjects (K. Tanabe). A TDP, FT-IR and catalytic study on the interaction of methanol with pure and KOH doped TiO2 anatase (G. Busca et al.). Acid and base strength of alumina-magnesia mixed oxides (J.A. Lercher et al.). Influence of the operating conditions on the morphology and acidity of K2CO3/&ggr;Al2O3 (X. Montagne et al.). Acidic reactions on some transition metal oxide systems (B. Grzybowska-Swierkosz). Modification of the acidity and basicity of the surface oxide catalysts (S. Malinowski). Basic molecular sieve catalysts/side-chain alkylation of toluene by methanol (J.M. Garces et al.). Importance of the acid strength in heterogeneous catalysis (D. Barthomeuf). Structure and acidic properties of high silica faujasites (F. Maugé et al.). Acidity in zeolites (A.G. Ashton et al.). Acidic and basic properties of aluminas in relation to their properties as catalysts and supports (H. Knözinger). Reactivity of isopropanol on K- and Cs-exchanged ZSM-5 and mordenite (J.B. Nagy et al.). Quantitation and modification of catalytic sites in ZSM-5 (E.G. Derouane et al.). Characterization of acidic properties of heteropoly compounds in relation to heterogeneous catalysis (M. Misono). Heteropoly compounds: solid acids with guarded protons (J.B. Moffat). Heteropolyacids as solid-acid catalysts (Y. Ono et al.). New covalent boron (III)-molybdenum (VI) mixed oxo model compounds as eligible hetero bimetallic catalysts for propylene epoxidation (E. Tempesti et al.). Catalytic activities and selectivities of crystalline &egr;-Zr(HPO4)2 (K. Segawa et al.). Calorimetric study of adsorption of ammonia at 420 K on bismuth molybdate (2:1) (L. Stradella). Skeletal isomerization of n-butene over modified boron phosphate (B.P. Nilsen et al.). Catalytic application of hydrophobic properties of high-silica zeolites. II. Esterification of acetic acid with butanols (S


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