This volume constitutes the proceedings of the second symposium on Catalysis and Automotive Pollution Control. CAPoC 2 was a great success from the point of view of its scientific interest, as evidenced by the content of this book, and also from the high participation, some 260 scientists. About two-thirds of the contributors came from the industrial world, mainly the car and oil industries and catalyst manufacturers. This is ample proof that exhaust catalysis remains a major topic of interest.

The first part of the book is a general introduction to the problem of automotive pollution. The second, strictly catalytic, part is devoted to fundamental and applied studies on pollution control, with emphasis on exhaust catalytic converters.

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General Introduction to the Problem of Exhaust Gas Pollution (9 papers). Role of CeO2 in Automotive Exhaust Catalysts (11 papers). Depollution of Diesel Engines (3 papers). Use of Base Metals in Exhaust Catalysis (2 papers). Fundamental Studies on Model Catalysts (3 papers). Unregulated Emissions (2 papers). Theoretical Approach to the Catalytic Converter (2 papers). Supports for Automotive Catalysts (6 papers). Aging of Automotive Catalysts (5 papers). Miscellaneous (3 papers).


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