This book concentrates on industrially relevant reactions which are catalyzed by heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysts. Homogeneous catalysis by metal complexes is treated jointly with heterogeneous catalysis using metallic and non-metallic solids. In both areas the high degree of sophistication of spectroscopic techniques and theoretical modelling has led to an enormous increase in our understanding at the molecular level. This holds for the kinetics of the reactions and the reactivities of the catalysts, as well as for the syntheses of the catalytic materials. The development of catalysis science since the first edition of this book has necessitated a thorough revision, including special chapters on biocatalysis, catalyst characterization and adsorption methods. The multidisciplinary nature of catalysis is reflected in the choice of a novel combination of basic disciplines which will be refreshing and inspiring to readers.


For teachers, students and other scholars in catalysis.

Table of Contents

Section and chapter headings: Preface. Preface to the first edition. Introductory Section. 1. History of Catalysis (A.P. Kieboom et al.). Industrial catalysis. Biocatalysis. 2. Catalytic Processes in Industry (A.P.G. Kieboom et al.). Catalytic processes in the oil refinery. Total isomerization process of paraffins. 3. Chemical Kinetics of Catalyzed Reactions (F. Kapteijn et al.). Fundamental Catalysis. 4. Bonding and Elementary Steps in Catalysis (B.A. Averill et al.). Bonding. Elementary steps in organometallic complexes. Elementary surface reaction steps. Elementary reaction steps on solid acids. Elementary steps in biocatalytic reactions. Elementary steps in biocatalytic oxidation reactions. 5. Heterogeneous Catalysis (B.K. Hodnett et al.). Synthesis gas conversion. Automotive exhaust catalysis. Selective catalytic reduction of NO by NH3. Selective oxidation. Electrocatalysis. 6. Homogeneous Catalysis with Transition Metal Complexes (G. van Koten, P.W.N.M. van Leeuwen). Rhodium catalyzed hydroformylation. Zirconium catalyzed polymerization of alkenes. Asymmetric hydrogenation. 7. Biocatalysis (B.A. Averill et al.). Biocatalysis vs. chemical catalysis. Areas of enzyme applications. Applied Catalysis. 8. Catalytic Reaction Engineering (F. Kapteijn et al.). Industrial reactors. Ideal reactors — mathematical description. Reaction combined with transport. Experimental determination of reaction kinetics. 9. Preparation of Catalyst Supports, Zeolites and Mesoporous Materials (E.B.M. Doesburg et al.). Preparation of silica supports. Preparation of alumina supports. Carbon supports. Synthesis of zeolites and mesoporous materials. Shaping of catalyst bodies. 10. Preparation of Supported Catalysts (J.W. Geus et al.). Selective removal. Application on a separately produced support. Catalyst Cha


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