Catalysis 1987, Volume 38

1st Edition

Editors: J.W. Ward
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444429551
Imprint: Elsevier Science
Published Date: 1st May 1988


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Table of Contents

The Volume Contains: 4 papers on Catalyst deactivation by C.E. Bodan et al., C.R.F. Lund, J.R. Rostrup-Nielsen and I.B. Alstrup, and T.-Z Tzuo et al. 10 papers on Chemical reaction engineering/Industrial applications by S.C. Carniglia, R.M. Contractor et al., J.L. Contreras et al., J.T. Gleaves et al., W.R.C. Graham and D.T. Lynch, K.J. Kuruc and J.M. Lambert Jr., R.C. Sane et al., S.J. Tauster et al., C.P. Tsamalis and S. Szepe, and S.B. Ziemecki. 2 papers on Emissions control by I.-S. Nam et al., and H. Windawi and T.J. Truex. 1 paper on Homogeneous catalysis by T.M. Painter and A.R. Sanger. 9 papers on Hydrogenation by H. Abrevaya et al., S.S.C. Chuang and C. Sze, H. Dabbagh et al., L. Guczi, R.M. Lambert et al., J.J. Lewnard and T.H. Hsiung, A.N. Murty et al., C. Sudhakar et al., and X. Zhang. 4 papers on Hydrotreatment by M.V.C. Sekhar, H.D. Simpson, J.Weitkamp and S. Ernst, and J.H. Wilson and G. Berrebi. 6 papers on Modern spectroscopic techniques by J.L.Gland et al., L.L. Lauderback and S.A. Larson, A.B. McEwen et al., G.A. Ozin et al., C.F. Tirendi and C. Dybowski, and J.-S. Yu et al. 3 papers on Octane enhancement by T.R. Hughes et al., J.S. Magee,and P.W.Tamm et al. 7 papers on Oxides/sulfides by F.P. Daly et al., J.M. Dominguez et al., A.M. Gaffney et al., M.K. Konkin and I.G. Dalla Lane, J.A. Labinger et al., T.Sahin et al., and M.Vest et al. 5 papers on Supported metals by S.M.Augustine et al., D.G. Blackmond and S. Kesraoui, E. Galicia et al., I. Guo et al., and A. Parmaliana et al. 5 papers on Surface science by C.T.Campbell,M.C. Deibert and R.B. Wright, T.H. Fleisch et al., J.W.Niemantsverdriet and A.D. van Langeveld, and P.A. Thomas et al. 3 papers on Theoretical catalysis by K.A. Fichthorn et al., G.H. Hatzikos and R.I. Masel, and E. Shustorovich.


Almost all aspects of heterogeneous catalysis are covered in this proceedings volume: papers on surface science and modern spectroscopic techniques provide a particularly extensive coverage of catalyst characterization, while other papers update the broader area of major types of catalysts, such as oxides, sulfides, supported metals and zeolites as well as presenting new developments.

Major catalytic reactions are covered including those involving carbon monoxide hydrogenation, emission control and hydrotreating. The current important area of octane enhancement catalysts and processes and important industrial concepts in hydrotreating are dealt with, including new aspects of shape-selective catalysis. The applied engineering topics of reactions engineering and catalyst deactivation are also updated. New concepts in theoretical catalysis are presented and several new homogeneous catalyst systems are reported.

The book concludes with four illuminating papers on the future reactions of catalysis as applied to energy processing, chemicals production and, in particular, to biocatalysis on a large scale.

Many of the contributors are leaders in their fields and, with almost 1,000 pages and 85 papers, this book provides an enormous amount of information which will be extremely valuable to catalyst and related practitioner, whether fundamentalists or highly applied, who wish to evaluate current findings in their fields.


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