Cases in Pre-hospital and Retrieval Medicine

1st Edition


  • Matthew Hooper
  • Dan Ellis
    • Electronic ISBN 9780729578844

    Key Features

    • Case based using real pre-hospital and retrieval situations
    • Visually assisted format; high level discussion
    • Question format followed by extensive discussion
    • Designed for members of a multidisciplinary team
    • Operationally useful appendices, including recommended equipment lists
    • Covers paediatric patients; major incidents such as chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear; polytrauma; flight physiology; advanced multi-organ support; end of life decisions in the field.

    Table of Contents

    Section A - Pre-hospital Medicine

    1. Scene safety I

    2. Scene safety II

    3. Entrapment

    4. Pre-hospital anaesthesia I

    5. Pre-hospital anaesthesia II

    6. Pre-hospital equipment

    7. Preparing for transport I

    8. Preparing for transport II

    9. Polytrauma I

    10. Polytrauma II

    11. Polytrauma III

    12. Polytrauma IV

    13. Polytrauma V

    14. Penetrating disease I

    15. Penetrating disease II

    16. Diving (hyperbaric) emergencies

    17. Transfer issues

    18. Pre-hospital sedation

    19. Multiple patients I

    20. Multiple patients II

    21. Pre-hospital tasking and clinical coordination

    22. Major incident I

    23. Major incident II

    Section B - Retrieval Medicine

    1. Inter and intra hospital transfers

    2. Flight physiology

    3. Retrieval equipment

    4. Critical illness and retrieval I

    5. Critical illness and retrieval II

    6. Critical illness and retrieval III

    7. Critical illness and retrieval IV

    8. Critical illness and retrieval V

    9. Paediatric retrieval I

    10. Paediatric retrieval II

    11. Paediatric retrieval III

    12. Unexpected inflight emergency during retrieval.

    13. Diagnostics in retrieval medicine

    14. Advanced multi-organ support in transit

    15. Mental illness

    16. Envenomation

    17. End of life decisions in the retrieval environment

    18. Retrieval tasking and Clinical Coordination

    Section C – Service development and special circumstances

    1. Operational safety and Crew Resource Management (CRM) I

    2. Operational safety and Crew Resource Management (CRM) II

    3. Military medicine I

    4. Military medicine II

    5. Vertical hoist and physical rescue

    6. Commercial in-flight emergency

    7. Event medicine


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    Churchill Livingstone Australia
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    About the authors

    Matthew Hooper

    Associate Professor MB BS, DipIMC RCS(Ed), FACEM, FCICM Chief Medical Officer, South Australian Ambulance Service Senior Consultant, MedSTAR Emergency Medical Retrieval Service Senior Consultant, Intensive and Critical Care Unit – Flinders Medical Centre, South Australia; Squadron Leader, Royal Australian Air Force Specialist Reserve

    Dan Ellis

    Dr Dan Ellis MBBS (London), FIMC RCSEd, FCEM, FACEM, FFICM, FRCS(Eng), MRCP(UK), MRCA, DMCC, EDIC Director, MedSTAR Emergency Medical Retrieval Service, South Australia; Deputy Director of Trauma and Senior Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide, South Australia; Clinical Senior Lecturer, Acute Care Medicine, University of Adelaide; South Australia Emeritus Consultant, Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS), London, UK