Cases in Differential Diagnosis for the Physical and Manipulative Therapies

1st Edition


  • Robyn Beirman
  • Key Features

    over 225 clinical presentations in differential diagnosis
    comprehensive appendices complement the diagnostic process
    model answers to all cases
    review of basic and medical sciences relevant to each case
    over 35 expert contributors covering Chiropractic, Medicine,Osteopathy, Nutrition and Dietetics
    unique combination of musculoskeletal and nonmusculoskeletal clinical cases

    Table of Contents


    Section 1 The early years: infancy and childhood
    Chapter 1 Genetic disorders, birth defects and structural deformities
    Chapter 2 Disturbances in movement, posture or growth in infancy and childhood
    Chapter 3 Visual and hearing disturbances in infancy and childhood
    Chapter 4 Disturbances in behaviour or mood in infancy and childhood
    Chapter 5 Pain in infancy and childhood
    Chapter 6 Fever in infancy and childhood
    Chapter 7 Miscellaneous cases in infancy and childhood

    Section 2 Adolescence
    Chapter 8 Eating disorders, substance abuse and behavioural disturbances in adolescence
    Chapter 9 Movement and postural disturbances in adolescence
    Chapter 10 Joint pain and swelling in adolescence
    Chapter 11 Pain in adolescence
    Chapter 12 Miscellaneous cases in adolescence

    Section 3 The adult years
    Chapter 13 Head and neck pain, part 1
    Chapter 14 Head and Neck pain, part 2
    Chapter 15 Acute back pain
    Chapter 16 Chronic or recurring back pain
    Chapter 17 Acute joint pain
    Chapter 18 Chronic or recurrent joint pain
    Chapter 19 Upper limb pain
    Chapter 20 Lower limb pain
    Chapter 21 Chest pain
    Chapter 22 Abdominal pain
    Chapter 23 Fatigue and generalised weakness
    Chapter 24 Cough and dyspnoea
    Chapter 25 Abnormalities in bowel or urination habits
    Chapter 26 Reproductive disturbances in women
    Chapter 27 Sports Injuries
    Chapter 28 Multisystem cases
    Chapter 29 Miscellaneous cases in adulthood

    Section 4 The later years — the elderly
    Chapter 30 Head & Neck pain in the elderly
    Chapter 31 Back pain in the elderly
    Chapter 32 Unsteadiness and vertigo in the elderly
    Chapter 33 Altered bowel or bladder activity in the elderly
    Chapter 34 Chest and abdominal pain in the elderly
    Chapter 35 Altered mental state in the elderly
    Chapter 36 Impaired vision and hearing in the elderly
    Chapter 37 Limb p


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