Key Features

  • UNIQUE! Clinical simulations offer real-life patient management scenarios that provide users with the chance to practice information gathering and decision making before taking the very difficult NBRC CSE portion of the RRT exam or before moving into the clinical setting.
  • UNIQUE! Case Studies with patient data records provide real-world samples of similar charted patient data you will likely see in the clinical setting.
  • UNIQUE! Software compatibility makes the program ideal in various learning management system (LMS) environments and future 3PPs.
  • Scoring scale similar to NBRC’s CSE provides familiarity and practice for real-life testing.
  • Software program recreates the NBRC CSE experience so that you can become more comfortable with the computer testing format, focus more on what is best for the patient and less on how the computer works.
  • Branching logic format for the clinical simulations is similar to the testing feature used on the NBRC CSE, presenting a logical progression and creating a "cause and effect" style of learning.
  • High-quality lung and heart sounds, radiographic images, waveforms, and other images provide realistic patient assessment data.
  • NBRC-style multiple choice questions include rationales for both correct and incorrect answers to aid in content review and self-evaluation.
  • Well-respected respiratory care author with vast experience in writing clinical simulations ensures that critical content is covered thoroughly and accurately.
  • Examples of pathologic conditions, case studies and clinical simulations support key content found in any respiratory care program and support the NBRC CSE content outline.

Table of Contents


  • Case 1: Adult patient w/ chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Case 2: Adult with asthma



  • Case 3: Adult with pneumonia developing pulmonary embolism
  • Case 4: Adult needing surgery for coronary artery bypass grafting



  • Case 5: Adult patient with stroke
  • Case 6: Adult with unknown neuromuscular condition (Guillain-Barré Syndrome)



  • Case 7: Triage of 50-year-old grandfather, 25-year-old mother, and 5-year-old daughter involved in a motor vehicle accident
  • Case 8: Four-year-old child with cold water near-drowning



  • Case 9: Eight-year-old child with asthma



  • Case 10: Premature infant delivered by cesarean section


General Medical  

  • Case 11: Adult with sepsis leading to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)


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Jim writes The Comprehensive Respiratory Therapist Exam Guide: Advanced and Entry Level 5e, 2010. and he contributes as a WFH on the Testbank for DesJardins: Clinical Manifestionations and Assessmen of Respiratory Disease, 5e He is listed: James R. Sills, MEd, CPFT, RRT Professor Emeritus Former Director, Respirtory Care Program Rock Valley College Rockford, IL

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Professor Emeritus, Former Director, Respiratory Care Program, Rock Valley College, Rockford, IL