Cardiothoracic Surgical Nursing Secrets

1st Edition


  • Barbara Todd
    • Print ISBN 9780323032674

    Key Features

    • 50 Top Secrets are listed in the front of the book, with the 50 key points a reader should know about cardiothoracic surgical nursing.
    • Key Points boxes in each chapter outline important information.
    • Internet Resources boxes offer readers additional information via the web.
    • Effective 2-color design allows readers to easily find answers.
    • Question-and-answer format offers concise, easy-to-find information.
    • Designed for both new and experienced nurses.

    Table of Contents

    I. Cardiovascular
    Chapter 1 Cardiac Anatomy
    Chapter 2 Cardiac Physiology
    Chapter 3 Hypertension
    Chapter 4 Dyslipidemia
    Chapter 5 Coronary artery disease
    Chapter 6 Valvular heart disease
    Chapter 7 Aortic dissection
    Chapter 8 Cardiac arrhythmias
    Chapter 9 Cardiomyopathy
    Chapter 10 Pericardial disease
    Chapter 11 Congenital heart disease
    Chapter 12 Preoperative evaluation
    Chapter 13 Hemodynamics monitoring and vasoactive medications
    Chapter 14 Anesthesia for cardiac surgery
    Chapter 15 Coronary artery bypass grafting
    Chapter 16 Valvular heart surgery
    Chapter 17 Cardiac transplantation
    Chapter 18 Ventricular assist devices
    Chapter 19 Management of the postsurgical patient with cardiac disease
    Chapter 20 Emergency bedside sternotomy

    II. Thoracic
    Chapter 21 Pulmonary disorders
    Chapter 22 Thoracic surgery procedures
    Chapter 23 Lung transplantation
    Chapter 24 Management of the postoperative thoracic surgery patient


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