Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Composites - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9781455731954, 9781455731961

Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Composites

1st Edition

CNT Polymer Science and Technology

Authors: Marcio Loos
Hardcover ISBN: 9781455731954
eBook ISBN: 9781455731961
Imprint: William Andrew
Published Date: 11th September 2014
Page Count: 304
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Table of Contents

  • Series page
  • Dedication
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
    • 1.1. Introduction to the nanoscale
    • 1.2. What makes the nanoscale important?
    • 1.3. Properties of nanoparticles and effect of size
    • 1.4. N&N history
    • 1.5. Nano in history
    • 1.6. Moore's Law
    • 1.7. Applications of nanotechnology
    • 1.8. Nanoscience and nanotechnology: A look to the future
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  • Chapter 2. Composites
    • 2.1. Conventional engineering materials
    • 2.2. The concept of composites
    • 2.3. Raw material for manufacture of composites
    • 2.4. Advantages and disadvantages of composites
    • 2.5. Influence of fiber length in fiber composites
    • 2.6. Applications of composites
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  • Chapter 3. Allotropes of Carbon and Carbon Nanotubes
    • 3.1. Allotropes of carbon
    • 3.2. Carbon nanotubes
    • 3.3. Treatment of CNTs
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  • Chapter 4. Production of CNTs and Risks to Health
    • 4.1. Production methods of carbon nanotubes
    • 4.2. Cost and production capacity of CNTs
    • 4.3. CNTs: risks to health, safe disposal, and environmental concerns
    • 4.4. Commercially available CNTs
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  • Chapter 5. Fundamentals of Polymer Matrix Composites Containing CNTs
    • 5.1. Use of CNTs for improvement of polymer properties
    • 5.2. Mechanical properties of composites containing CNTs
    • 5.3. Thermal conductivity of composites containing CNTs
    • 5.4. Electrical conductivity of composites containing CNTs
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  • Chapter 6. Processing of Polymer Matrix Composites Containing CNTs
    • 6.1. Processing of polymer matrix composites containing CNTs
    • 6.2. Technologies applied for the preparation of polymeric matrix nanocomposites
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  • Chapter 7. Applications of CNTs
    • 7.1. Carbon nanotubes: present and future applications
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  • Chapter 8. Is It Worth the Effort to Reinforce Polymers with Carbon Nanotubes?
    • 8.1. Introduction
    • 8.2. Theories
    • 8.3. Conclusion
  • Chapter 9. Reinforcement Efficiency of Carbon Nanotubes—Myth and Reality
    • 9.1. Introduction
    • 9.2. Models development
    • 9.3. Application
    • 9.4. Conclusion
  • Appendix A. Richard Feynman’s Talk
  • Appendix B. Periodic Table of Elements
  • Appendix C. Graphene Sheet
  • Appendix D. Simulations Using Matlab®
  • Appendix E. Questions and Exercises
  • Index


Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Composites introduces a wide audience of engineers, scientists and product designers to this important and rapidly expanding class of high performance composites. Dr Loos provides readers with the scientific fundamentals of carbon nanotubes (CNTs), CNT composites and nanotechnology in a way which will enable them to understand the performance, capability and potential of the materials under discussion. He also investigates how CNT reinforcement can be used to enhance the mechanical, electrical and thermal properties of polymer composites. Production methods, processing technologies and applications are fully examined, with reference to relevant patents. Finally, health and safety issues related to the use of CNTs are investigated.

Dr. Loos compares the theoretical expectations of using CNTs to the results obtained in labs, and explains the reasons for the discrepancy between theoretical and experimental results. This approach makes the book an essential reference and practical guide for engineers and product developers working with reinforced polymers – as well as researchers and students in polymer science, materials and nanotechnology.

A wealth of applications information is included, taken from the wide range of industry sectors utilizing CNT reinforced composites, such as energy, coatings, defense, electronics, medical devices, and high performance sports equipment.

Key Features

  • Introduces a wide range of readers involved in plastics engineering, product design and manufacturing to the relevant topics in nano-science, nanotechnology, nanotubes and composites.
  • Assesses effects of CNTs as reinforcing agents, both in a materials context and an applications setting.
  • Focuses on applications aspects – performance, cost, health and safety, etc – for a wide range of industry sectors, e.g. energy, coatings, defense, electronics, medical devices, high performance sports equipment, etc.


Engineers, product designers and product developers working with reinforced polymers in a wide range of industry sectors: energy, coatings, defense, electronics, medical devices, high performance sports equipment, etc. Researchers and students in polymer, materials and nano science and adjacent areas. Patent lawyers and government agencies.


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Professor, Case Western Reserve University