Carbon Dioxide Capture for Storage in Deep Geologic Formations - Results from the CO² Capture Project

1st Edition

Vol 1 - Capture and Separation of Carbon Dioxide from Combustion, Vol 2 - Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide with Monitoring and Verification


  • David Thomas
  • Sally Benson
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    Over the past decade, the prospect of climate change resulting from anthropogenic CO2 has become a matter of growing public concern. Not only is the reduction of CO2 emissions extremely important, but keeping the cost at a manageable level is a prime priority for companies and the public, alike. The CO2 capture project (CCP) came together with a common goal in mind: find a technological process to capture CO2 emissions that is relatively low-cost and able be to be expanded to industrial applications. The Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Project outlines the research and findings of all the participating companies and associations involved in the CCP. The final results of thousands of hours of research are outlined in the book, showing a successful achievement of the CCP’s goals for lower cost CO2 capture technology and furthering the safe, reliable option of geological storage. The Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Project is a valuable reference for any scientists, industrialists, government agencies, and companies interested in a safer, more cost-efficient response to the CO2 crisis.

    Key Features

    *Succeeds in tackling the most important issues at the heart of the CO2 crisis: lower-cost and safer solutions, and making the technology available at an industrial level. *Contains technical papers and findings of all researchers involved in the CO2 capture and storage project (CCP) *Consolidates thousands of hours of research into a concise and valuable reference work, providing up-to-the minute information on CO2 capture and underground storage alternatives.


    Energy scientists; Environmental scientists; Energy technology providers; Energy industry researchers; geologists; Governmental agencies


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