The major areas of carbon-carbon materials and composites are described in this comprehensive volume. It presents data and technology on the materials and structures developed for the production of carbon-carbon materials and composites. The text is composed of papers by 13 noted authors in their areas of expertise relating to the processes and production of these material systems and structures. The subject matter in the book is arranged to lead the reader through materials processing, fabrication, structural analysis, and applications of typical carbon-carbon products. The information provided includes: fiber technology, matrix material, design of composite structures, manufacturing techniques, engineering mechanics, protective coatings, and structural applications using carbon-carbon materials and composites.


Engineers, scientists and researchers dealing with carbon-carbon materials and systems.

Table of Contents

1. Carbon-Carbon Overview Introduction Carbon Fibers Continuous Fiber Composites Chemical Vapor Deposition Carbonized Organic Composites Mechanical Properties Applications Conclusions References Bibliography 2. Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Introduction Manufacture of PAN-Based Carbon Fibers Manufacture of Rayon-Based Carbon Fibers Manufacture of Pitch-Based Carbon Fibers Manufacture of Vapor-Grown Carbon Fibers Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fibers Summary References 3. Effect of Microstructure and Shape on Carbon Fiber Properties Introduction Carbon Fiber Processes Effect of Graphite Structure on Fiber Properties Brittle Failure Mechanism Microstructure of Carbon Fibers Effect of Microstructure on Fiber Properties Effect of Fiber Shape on Fiber and Composite Properties Summary References 4. Textile Preforms for Carbon-Carbon Composites Introduction Classification of Preforms Linear Fibrous Assemblies Fabric Preforms Modeling of Textile Structural Composites Concluding Remarks References Bibliography 5. Carbon-Carbon Matrix Materials Introduction Carbon Fibers Fabrication Methods of CC Composites Matrix Inhibition Microstructural Characterization Techniques Microstructure of CC Matrices Influence of Matrix on Composite Properties References 6. Mechanics of Multidirection


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