Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing - 5th Edition - ISBN: 9781926648538, 9781927406052

Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing

5th Edition

Print ISBN: 9781926648538
eBook ISBN: 9781927406052
Imprint: Mosby Canada
Published Date: 4th March 2013


Thoroughly updated to include the latest emerging issues and protocols in Canadian nursing practice, Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing, 5th Edition combines unparalleled Canadian nursing coverage with extensive learning support to help you easily master the basic nursing principles and procedures. The Potter team's proven, student-friendly approach describes the principles, concepts, and skills essential to your success. This edition has also been thoroughly reviewed by Canadian nursing experts to ensure that you are well prepared to practice in Canada.

Key Features

      • Comprehensive Canadian content throughout the text ensures you are well-prepared to practice in Canada.
      • Nursing Assessment Questions boxes help you learn to effectively phrase questions for clients.
      • Cultural Aspects of Care boxes summarize cultural considerations related to the chapter topic and provide practical guidelines for how to meet clients’ cultural needs and preferences.
      • Patient Teaching boxes help you plan effective teaching by first identifying outcomes, then developing strategies on how to teach, and, finally, implementing measures to evaluate learning.
      • Focus on Older Adult boxes highlight key aspects of nursing assessment and care for this population.
      • Evidence-Informed Practice boxes summarize recent guidelines for nursing practice.

      Table of Contents

      Unit 1: Health and Health Care in Canada

      1. Health and Wellness
      2. The Canadian Health Care Delivery System
      3. The Development of Nursing in Canada
      4. Community Health Nursing Practice
      5.  Unit 2: Foundations of Nursing Practice

      6. Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice
      7. Research as a Basis for Practice
      8. Nursing Values and Ethics
      9. Legal Implications in Nursing Practice
      10. Global Health, Culture, and Ethnicity
      11. Nursing Leadership, Management, and Collaborative Practice
      12.  Unit 3: Approaches to Nursing Care

      13. Critical Thinking in Nursing Practice
      14. Nursing Assessment and Diagnosis
      15. Planning and Implementing Nursing Care
      16. Evaluation of Nursing Care
      17. Documenting and Reporting
      18. Nursing Informatics
      19.  Unit 4: Working with Clients and Families

      20. Communication
      21. Caring in Nursing Practice
      22. Family Nursing
      23. Client Education
      24.  Unit 5: Caring Throughout the Lifespan

      25. Developmental Theories
      26. Conception Through Adolescence
      27. Young to Middle Adulthood
      28. Older Adulthood
      29.  Unit 6: Psychosocial Considerations

      30. Self-Concept
      31. Sexuality
      32. Spiritual Health
      33. The Experience of Loss, Death, and Grief
      34. Stress and Adaptation
      35.  Unit 7: Scientific Basis for Nursing Practice


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