Key Features

  • Tips for Clinical Practice boxes call attention to information critical to math calculation and patient safety.
  • Safety Alert boxes highlight issues that may lead to mediation errors and empower you to identify actions that must be taken to avoid calculation errors
  • Chapter review problems test all major topics presented in the chapter.
  • Separate basic math review test allows you to assess and evaluate your understanding of basic math material covered in Unit 1, directing you to review chapters if you miss any of these test questions.
  • Pre-test basic math review tests help you assess your basic math skills and identify areas of strength and weakness in competency of basic math.
  • Comprehensive unit on basic math review offers complete coverage of basic math: roman numerals, fractions, decimals, ratio and proportion, and percentages.

Table of Contents

Unit One: Math Review


1. Roman Numerals

2. Fractions

3. Decimals

4. Ratio and Proportion

5. Percentages



Unit Two: Systems of Measurement

6. Metric System

7. Apothecary and Household Systems

8. Converting Within and Between Systems

9. Additional Conversions Useful in the Health Care Setting


Unit Three: Methods of Administration and Calculation

10. Medication Administration

11. Understanding and Interpreting Medication Orders

12. Medication Administration Records and Drug Distribution Systems

13. Reading Medication Labels

14. Dosage Calculation Using the Ratio and Proportion Method

15. Dosage Calculation Using the Formula Method

16. Dosage Calculation Using the Dimensional Analysis Method


Unit Four: Oral and Parenteral Dosage Forms, Insulin and Pediatric Dosage Calculations

17. Calculation of Oral Medications

18. Parenteral Medications

19. Reconstitution of Solutions

20. Insulin


Unit Five: Intravenous, Heparin, and Critical Care Calculations and Pediatric Dosage Calculations

22. Intravenous Calculations

23. Heparin Calculations

24. Critical Care Calculations

25. Pediatric and Adult Dosage Calculation Based on Weight


Comprehensive Post-Test

Answer Key




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