Calcitonin - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9781483167046, 9781483194523


1st Edition

Proceedings of the Symposium on Thyrocalcitonin and the C Cells, London, 17–20 July 1967

Authors: John McMichael
eBook ISBN: 9781483194523
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 1st January 1968
Page Count: 416
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Calcitonin: Proceedings of the Symposium on Thyrocalcitonin and the C Cells presents a critical review of studies on the purification of Alpha and Beta thyrocalcitonin. The book discusses the histopathological investigation on C cells, as well as the nature of parafollicular cells. Some of the topics covered in the text are the pharmacologic and toxicological effects of porcine thyrocalcitonin in animals; the observation of the effect of thyroidectomy in patients with high thyrocalcitonin secretion; and the definition of chronic calcitonin deficiency. The radiological and histological bone changes produced by calcitonin; calcitonin as an ultimobranchial hormone; and the effects of calcium intake levels on the response to exogenous rat are also covered. The book further tackles bone culture studies with thyrocalcitonin; the observation made on the dense granules in bat thyroid parafollicular cells; and the study of the bovine parturient paresis and hypocalcemia. A chapter is devoted to the inhibition of thyrocalcitonin bone resorption in tissue culture. Another section focuses on the methods for secretory granules staining. The book can provide useful information to scientists, immunologists, students, and researchers.

Table of Contents

Calcitonin: An Introductory Review


Bioassay Session : Introduction

Enhancement of Hypocalcemic Activity of Thyrocalcitonin by Inorganic Phosphate

A New Bioassay for Calcitonin and Effect of Age and Dietary Ca on the Response

Age and Sex as Factors in the Response to Thyrocalcitonin

The Assay of Human Thyrocalcitonin in Mice

Effects of Added Protein on Apparent Potency of Thyrocalcitonin

Report on Collaborative Bioassay of Four Preparations of Porcine Thyrocalcitonin in Seven Laboratories

Purification and Properties

The Purification of Calcitonin

Studies on the Purification of Alpha and Beta Thyrocalcitonin

Purification and Chemical Properties of Porcine Thyrocalcitonin

Thyrocalcitonin: Isolation and Chemical Properties

Purification and Chemical Studies of Thyrocalcitonin

Effects of Endopeptidases, Heat and Oxidizing Agents on the Hypocalcemic Activity of Porcine Thyrocalcitonin

Cytochemistry and Embryology of the C Cell


The Thyroid Parenchymatous Cells of Baber, and the Nature and Function of their C Cell Successors in Thyroid, Parathyroid, and Ultimobranchial Bodies

Indole Metabolism in Thyroid C Cells of the Mouse: Effects of Thyrocalcitonin and Thiouracil

Cytochemical Evidence for the Ultimobranchial Origin of the C Cells in Rodent Thyroid

New Methods for Staining Secretory Granules and 5-Hydroxytryptamine in the Thyroid C Cells

Immunofluorescence Studies on the Source of Calcitonin, and the Effect of Immunization with Calcitonin on the Thyroid Gland of the Guinea-Pig

Histopathological Investigation on C Cells

Ultrastructure, Physiology and Pathology of the C Cells

Ultrastructure of the Parafollicular Cells

The Fine Structural Localization of Acetylcholinesterase in Rabbit Thyroid C Cells and the Effect of Uptake of 5-Hydroxytryptophan or Dihydroxyphenylalanine on Their Morphology

Bovine Parturient Paresis and Hypocalcaemia

The Influence of Hypophysectomy and Low Phosphate Diet on the Light or C Cells in the Rat

Observations on the Dense Granules in Bat Thyroid Parafollicular Cells

Bone Culture

Inhibition of Bone Resorption in Tissue Culture by Thyrocalcitonin

Bone Resorption In Vitro and its Inhibition by Calcitonin

Thyrocalcitonin Inhibition of Bone Resorption in Tissue Culture

Bone Culture Studies with Thyrocalcitonin



General Review of Research on Thyrocalcitonin and Some New Developments

The Effect of Thyrocalcitonin on Isolated Perfused Bone

Relation of Endogenous Thyrocalcitonin Secretion to Plasma Calcium Levels

Calcium Homeostasis: Relative Importance of Parathyroid Hormone and Thyrocalcitonin

Interaction of Thyrocalcitonin and Vitamin D on Bone Resorption

Effect of Calcium Intake Levels on the Response to Exogenous Rat Thyrocalcitonin

The Effect of Exogenous and Endogenous Thyrocalcitonin on Phosphaturia

The Renal Effects of Thyrocalcitonin in the Pig and Dog


Calcitonin — Ultimobranchial Hormone

Chronic Effects of Deficiency and Excess of Calcitonin

Chronic Calcitonin Deficiency

Radiological Bone Changes Produced by Calcitonin

Histological Bone Changes Produced by Calcitonin

Studies in Man


Studies on the Mode of Action and the Therapeutic Use of Thyrocalcitonin

The Response of Athyroidal Patients to Calcium Infusion: Evidence for an Action of Thyrocalcitonin

Long-Term Observation of the Effect of Thyroidectomy in Patients with Elevated Thyroid Thyrocalcitonin Content

Pharmacologic and Toxicologic Effects of Porcine Thyrocalcitonin in Animals

Calcitonin: Studies in Man

Estimation of Biologic Potency of Porcine Thyrocalcitonin in Man: A Preliminary Report

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