Caesarean Birth

1st Edition

Experience, Practice & History


  • Helen Churchill
    • Print ISBN 9781898507512


    The aim of this book is to examine women's experience of caesarean section from its origins to the present day. The book covers the historical developments, along with the differing ideologies and diverse attitudes surrounding the much debated subject of intervention in childbirth.

    Topics covered include:
    * The history of caesarean section covering its development and changes in attitudes towards intervention in childbirth.

    * The examination of past and current debates on the relationship between women and medical professionals.

    * An extensive empirical study of women's experinces of caesarean section and its effects both physiologically and psychologically on women and their babies.

    * Information on the empirical work undertaken by the author detailing the research questions, methods and results of the investigation.

    * An exploration of what is required in order to redress the balance of power to allow for informed decision-making amongst childbearing women in order to achieve a satisfactory outcome.


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    About the author

    Helen Churchill

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Senior lecturer in Health Studies and Sociology and subject leader for Health Studies at the Crewe and Alsager Faculty of the Manchester Metropolitan University.