Containing over 200 papers, this volume contains the proceedings of two symposia in the E-MRS series. Part I presents a state of the art review of the topic - Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen in Silicon and in Other Elemental Semiconductors. There was strong representation from the industrial laboratories, illustrating that the topic is highly relevant for the semiconductor industry.

The second part of the volume deals with a topic which is undergoing a process of convergence with two concerns that are more particularly application oriented. Firstly, the advanced instrumentation which, through the use of atomic force and tunnel microscopies, high resolution electron microscopy and other high precision analysis instruments, now allows for direct access to atomic mechanisms. Secondly, the technological development which in all areas of applications, particularly in the field of microelectronics and microsystems, requires as a result of the miniaturisation race, a precise mastery of the microscopic mechanisms.

Table of Contents

(Please contact the publisher for a complete list of contents). Part I: Symposium N on Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Exygen in Silicon and Other Element Semiconductors. Selection of papers: Light impurities and their interactions in silicon (R.C. Newman). Effect of nitrogen contamination by cucible encapsulation on polycrystalline silicon material quality (S. Binetti et al.). Effect of native point defects on morphology of gettering centres in CZ-silicon wafers (K.L. Enisherlova et al.). Oxygen related defects in germanium (P. Clauws). The effect of carbon on diffusion in silicon (P.A. Stolk et al.). Part II: Symposium G on Atomic Scale Characterization and Simulation of Materials and Processes. Selection of papers: Simulations of thin film deposition from atomic and cluster beams (G.H. Gilmer et al.). Computational materials design and processing: perspectives for atomistic approaches (E. Wimmer). Grain boundary sliding: an ab initio simulation (C. Molteni et al.). Binding and diffusion of an A1 adatom on the hydrogen-terminated Si(100) surface (Y. Tanida, M. Ikeda). Quantum chemical simulations of the optical properties and diffusion of electron centres in MgO crystals (E.A. Kotomin et al.). Author index. Subject index.


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