Table of Contents

  • Dedication
  • Foreword
  • Preface to the Third Edition
  • Introduction
  • Chapter One. Business Process Change
    • Organizations as Systems
    • Systems and Value Chains
    • The Six Sigma Movement
    • Business Process Change in the 1990S
    • Lean and the Toyota Production System
    • Other Process Change Work in the 1990S
    • A Quick Summary
    • Business Process Change in the New Millennium
    • What Drives Business Process Change?
    • Notes and References
  • Part I. Organization-Wide Concerns
    • Introduction
    • Chapter Two. Strategy, Value Chains, Business Initiatives, and Competitive Advantage
      • Defining a Strategy
      • Porter’s Model of Competition
      • Industries, Products, and Value Propositions
      • Strategies for Competing
      • Porter’s Theory of Competitive Advantage
      • Porter’s Strategic Themes
      • Treacy and Wiersema’s Positioning Strategies
      • The Balanced Scorecard Approach to Strategy
      • Business Models
      • Business Initiatives
      • Summary
      • Notes and References
    • Chapter Three. Understanding Your Organization
      • A Comprehensive Business Process Method
      • Strategy and Enterprise BPM
      • Understand the Enterprise
      • The Traditional View of an Organization’s Structure
      • A Case Study of Organization Transformation
      • The Systems View of an Organization
      • Models and Diagrams
      • Organization Diagrams
      • Organizations and Value Chains
      • Systems and Processes
      • Notes and References
    • Chapter Four. Business Architecture
      • The Supply Chain Council’s SCOR Framework
      • Business Architecture: The IT Approach
      • Business Process Architecture
      • Defining an Architecture Using a Framework
      • The Supply C


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"The book covers a large number of embedded computing topics and therefore can be recommended to any reader interested in getting initial information about this area." -- Computing Reviews

"...a practical reference for managers and practitioners interested in BPM or already involved in business process initiatives in large to medium organizations…Readers will profit extensively from the best practices and examples presented." -- Computing Reviews

"... this was a good read and should be something that anyone practicing BPM puts into their library and consults often. There is good balance throughout the book. This balance includes a lot of BPM and an appropriate dose of BPMS." --Smarter Process: Thoughts from the CTO, January 5, 2015