This proceedings 3rd EuroGOOS Conference on Building the European Capacity in Operational Oceanography is volume 69 in the Elsevier Oceanography Series. The topics of the proceedings cover: Regional Systems I, Remote Sensing Systems, Numerical Modelling and Data Assimilation, Next Generation Systems, EC Operational Forecasting Workshop: Reports on EC Operational Forecasting, In-Situ Monitoring, Waves Monitoring and ForecastingUser Perspectives, EuroGOOS Task Teams, Regional Systems 2, Coastal Systems, Data - Products - Users, and GMES Marine Forum.

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Conference Organisers. Preface. Conference Opening. Current Developments in Operational Oceanography. Global Ocean Observing Systems and the challenges of the 21st century (D.J. Baker). New European developments for Operational Oceanography (J.-F. Minster). The European contribution to GODAE (M. Bell, P. Bahurel). Regional Systems I. A possible migration from marine scientific research to operational oceanography in the context of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) (P. Ryder). Cyprus coastal ocean forecasting and observing system (G. Zodiatis, R. Lardner et al.). MAMA - Towards a new paradigm for ocean monitoring in the Mediterranean (The MAMA Consortium). Model-derived seasonal amounts of dust deposited on Mediterranean Sea and Europe (G. Kallos, A. Papadopoulos, P. Katsafados). Evaluation of POSEIDON forecasts in the Aegean Sea for a three-year period (A. Papadopoulos, L. Perivoliotis et al.). Fluorescence lidars and their potentials for the remote sensing of the marine environment (G. Cecchi, D. Lognoli et al.). Long-term sustained observing system for climatic variability studies in the Mediterranean (A. Theocharis and the CIESM initiative group). Comparison of ECMWF operational surface meteorology and buoy observations in the Ligurian Sea (R. Bozzano, A. Siccardi et al.). Impact of climate change on Adriatic Sea hydrology (A. Frasheri, N. Pano). Temperature sampling strategies assessment in the Mediterranean Forecasting System (F. Raicich). Water masses and diagnostic circulation west of Sardinia from 23 March to 4 April 2001 (R. Sorgente, A. Ribotti, I. Puillat). XBT observations in the Eastern Mediterranean: data analysis and assessment of numerical ocean forecasts (V. Zervakis, K. Nittis et al.). Marine meteorological and oceanographic services in the Hydrometcenter of Russia (Z.K. Abousiarov, V.S. Krasjuk et al.). Remote


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