Building Materials in Civil Engineering - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9781845699550, 9781845699567

Building Materials in Civil Engineering

1st Edition

Editors: Haimei Zhang
Hardcover ISBN: 9781845699550
eBook ISBN: 9781845699567
Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
Published Date: 9th May 2011
Page Count: 440
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Definitions and Classifications of Building Materials

1.2 Characteristics of Building Materials and Their Status in Architecture

1.3 The Development of Building Materials

1.4 The Introduction of Building Materials’ Technical Standards

1.5 Characters, Purposes, Tasks and Learning Methods of Building Materials Curriculum

Chapter 2: The Basic Properties of Building Materials

2.1 Compositions and Structures of Materials and the Influence of Their Constructions on the Properties

2.2 Physical Properties of Materials

2.3 Mechanical Properties of Materials

2.5 Durability of Materials



Chapter 3: Air Hardening Binding Materials

3.1 Building Gypsum

3.2 Lime

3.3 Magnesia

3.4 Soluble Glass


Chapter 4: Cement

4.1 Portland Cement

4.2 Blended Portland Cement

4.3 Other Varieties of Cement



Chapter 5: Concrete

5.1 Overview

5.2 Components of Ordinary Concrete

5.3 The Main Technical Properties of Ordinary Concrete

5.4 The Quality Control and the Strength Evaluation of Concrete

5.5 The Design of the Mix Proportion of Ordinary Concrete

5.6 Other Varieties of Concrete



Chapter 6: Building Mortar

6.1 The Composition of Mortar

6.2 The Main Technical Properties of Mortar

6.4 Other Kinds of Building Mortar



Chapter 7: Wall and Roof Materials

7.1 Wall Bricks

7.2 Wall Blocks

7.3 Wall Plates

7.4 Roof Materials



Chapter 8: Construction Steel

8.1 Classifications of Steel

8.2 Characteristics of Steel

8.3 Cold Working, Ageing and Welding

8.4 Standards and Selection of Building Steel

8.5 Fire Protection of Steel

8.6 Corrosion and Prevention of Steel

Chapter 9: Wood

9.1 Classifications and Structures of Wood

9.2 Physical and Mechanical Properties of Wood

9.3 Wood Preservation

9.4 Applications of Wood in Architecture


Chapter 10: Waterproof Materials

10.1 Asphalt

10.2 Waterproof Asphalt Materials

10.3 New Waterproof Materials


Chapter 11: Building Plastic

11.1 Components and Classifications of Plastic

1 Synthetic Resin

2 Additives

11.2 Properties and Common Varieties of Plastic

3 Good Heat Insulation

4 Good Processability

5 Good Ornamentality

6 Polyester Resin (PR)

7 Phenolic Resin (PF)

8 Organic Silicon Resin (SI)

11.3 Applications of Building Plastic

Chapter 12: Heat-insulating Materials and Sound-absorbing Materials

12.1 Heat-insulating Materials

12.2 Sound-absorbing Materials


Chapter 13: Finishing Materials

13.1 Basic Requirements and Selecting Principles of Finishing Materials

2 The Texture, Line Style, Size and Grain of Materials

13.2 Common Finishing Materials


Tests of Building Materials



The construction of buildings and structures relies on having a thorough understanding of building materials. Without this knowledge it would not be possible to build safe, efficient and long-lasting buildings, structures and dwellings. Building materials in civil engineering provides an overview of the complete range of building materials available to civil engineers and all those involved in the building and construction industries.

The book begins with an introductory chapter describing the basic properties of building materials. Further chapters cover the basic properties of building materials, air hardening cement materials, cement, concrete, building mortar, wall and roof materials, construction steel, wood, waterproof materials, building plastics, heat-insulating materials and sound-absorbing materials and finishing materials. Each chapter includes a series of questions, allowing readers to test the knowledge they have gained. A detailed appendix gives information on the testing of building materials.

With its distinguished editor and eminent editorial committee, Building materials in civil engineering is a standard introductory reference book on the complete range of building materials. It is aimed at students of civil engineering, construction engineering and allied courses including water supply and drainage engineering. It also serves as a source of essential background information for engineers and professionals in the civil engineering and construction sector.

Key Features

  • Provides an overview of the complete range of building materials available to civil engineers and all those involved in the building and construction industries
  • Explores the basic properties of building materials featuring air hardening cement materials, wall and roof materials and sound-absorbing materials
  • Each chapter includes a series of questions, allowing readers to test the knowledge they have gained


Students of civil engineering or construction engineering


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About the Editors

Haimei Zhang Editor

Dr H. Zhang has studied in China and Germany with a particular focus on refrigeration and cryogenics.