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  • Medically approved equipment for lactation and feeding
  • A glossary of medical terms
  • An appendix of national and international breastfeeding
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Table of Contents

1 Basic information about breastfeeding

1.1. The breast before, during and after pregnancy and lactation

1.1.1 Anatomy and physiology of the breast

1.1.2 Adolescence

1.1.3 Young, non-pregnant woman

1.1.4 Pregnant

1.1.5 Before birth

1.1.6 Lactation

1.1.7 Menopause

1.2 Normal course of breastfeeding

1.2.1 Breastfeeding initiation

1.2.2 Sequence of a breastfeed

1.2.3 Let-down reflex (milk ejection reflex)

1.2.4 Infant behavioural cues

1.2.5 Breastfeeding positions

1.3 Breastfeeding multiple infants

1.4 The older breastfed child

1.5 Tandem breastfeeding

1.6 Appearance of breast milk

1.6.1 Colostrum

1.6.2 Transitional milk

1.6.3 Mature breast milk

1.6.4 Blood in breast milk

1.7 Elimination, stool and urine output in the newborn

1.7.1 Meconium

1.7.2 Transitional stools

1.7.3 Breast milk stools

1.7.4 Stools from formula fed infants

1.7.5 Bloody stools

1.7.6 Urine

2 Breastfeeding problems and their causes

2.1 Atypical breast shapes

2.1.1 Asymmetric breasts

2.1.2 Inadequate mammary gland tissue

2.1.2 Accessory mammary gland tissue

2.1.4 Following breast surgery

2.2. Problematic nipple forms

2.2.1 Flat nipples

2.2.2 Retracted/inverted nipples

2.2.3 Small nipples

2.2.4 Large nipples

2.2.5 Bifurcated or double nipples

2.3 Pathological changes of the breast

2.3.1 Mammary gland swelling (initial engorgement)

2.3.2 Local engorgement (plugged ducts)

2.3.3 Mastitis

2.3.4 Abscess

2.3.5 Breast cancer

2.3.6 Nipple can


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