Breast Cancer - 2nd Edition - ISBN: 9780443066344, 9780702035975

Breast Cancer

2nd Edition

Authors: Daniel Roses
Hardcover ISBN: 9780443066344
eBook ISBN: 9780702035975
Imprint: Churchill Livingstone
Published Date: 17th August 2005
Page Count: 832


This updated New Edition provides a complete yet concise understanding of breast cancer—from biology, pathology, and screening through diagnosis, treatment, long-term follow-up, and adjuvant care. Its practical, multidisciplinary focus addresses the concerns of every member of the health care team. A unique question-and-answer format offers clear answers to clinical questions, enhancing communication among physicians, nurses, and patients.

Key Features

  • Considers the full range of management options, including radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and monoclonal antibody therapy.
  • Uses a question-and-answer format to make reference easy.
  • Saves time by examining only well-established, proven diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

Table of Contents

SECTION I. Molecular and Epidemiologic Issues

Chapter 1. Epidemiology of Breast Cancer

Chapter 2. Oncogenetic Basis of Breast Cancer

Chapter 3. Molecular and Cellular Biology of Breast Cancer

Chapter 4. Hormonal Influences on Oncogenesis and Growth of Breast Cancer

Chapter 5. Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

Chapter 6. Prevention of Breast Cancer

SECTION II. Pathology

Chapter 7. Pathologic Evolution of Pre-Invasive Breast Cancer: The Atypical Hyperplasias

Chapter 8. Pathology of In-Situ Breast Cancer

Chapter 9. Pathology of Invasive Breast Cancer

Chapter 10. Pathology of Special Forms of Breast Cancer

Chapter 11. Pathology of Regional Lymph Nodes

Chapter 12. Molecular Pathology of Breast Cancer

SECTION III. Diagnosis

Chapter 13. Surveillance Strategy for Breast Cancer

Chapter 14. Clinical Assessment of Benign Breast Disease and Cancer

Chapter 15. Mammographic Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

Chapter 16. Sonographic Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

Chapter 17. Needle Biopsy Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

Chapter 18. Advanced Technology and Diagnostic Strategy for Breast Cancer

SECTION IV. Staging and Prognosis

Chapter 19. Evaluating and Staging the Patient with Breast Cancer

Chapter 20. Genetic Counseling

SECTION V. Treatment

Chapter 21. Development of Modern Breast Cancer Treatment

Chapter 22. Multimodality Treatment of Breast Cancer

Chapter 23. Treatment of In-Situ Breast Cancer

Chapter 24. Surgery for Breast Cancer

Chapter 25. Reconstruction Following Surgery for Breast Cancer

Chapter 26. Radiotherapy for In-Situ, Stage I, and Stage II Breast Cancer

Chapter 27. Adjuvant Systemic Treatment for Breast Cancer

Chapter 28. Treatment of Bilateral Breast Cancer

Chapter 29. Treatment of Locally Advanced Breast Cancer

Chapter 30. Emerging Local Treatment Modalities for Breast Cancer

Chapter 31. Surveillance Following Breast Cancer Treatment

SECTION VI. Management of Metastatic Breast Cancer

Chapter 32. Management of Metastatic Breast Cancer

I. Principles of Treatment
II. Chemotherapy for Metastatic Breast Cancer
III. Hormonal and Biological Therapy for Metastatic Breast Cancer
IV. Hypercalcemia of Metastatic Breast Cancer
V. Brain Metastases from Metastatic Breast Cancer
VI. Spinal Column Metastases from Metastatic Breast Cancer
VII. Ocular Metastases from Metastatic Breast Cancer
VIII. Thoracic Metastases from Metastatic Breast Cancer
IX. Bone Metastases from Metastatic Breast Cancer
X. Radiation Therapy for Metastatic Breast Cancer
XI. Management of Pain for Metastatic Breast Cancer and Management of the Terminal Patient

SECTION VII. Special Issues in Breast Cancer Treatment

Chapter 33. Treatment of High-Risk Patients

Chapter 34. Treatment of Unusual Malignant Neoplasias and Clinical Presentations

Chapter 35. Treatment of the Pregnant Patient with Breast Cancer

Chapter 36. Treatment of Male Breast Cancer

Chapter 37. Gynecologic Management of the Breast Cancer Patient

SECTION VIII. Psychological, Nursing, and Social Issues

Chapter 38. Rehabilitation and Nursing Care

Chapter 39. Needs of Breast Cancer Patients and Their Families: Psychosocial Adaptation

Chapter 40. Medico-Legal Issues in Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment


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About the Author

Daniel Roses

Affiliations and Expertise

Jules Leonard Whitehill Professor of Surgery and Oncology, New York University School of Medicine, Senior Attending Surgeon, New York University Medical Center, New York, NY


"A beautiful book that contains a wealth of information and illustrations...Of great use to all those who care for patients with breast cancer and who have questions requiring a quick, precise, and up-to-date answer."-NEJM

"Concise, easy to read, and quite well referenced...This book must be seriously considered by anyone interested in a comprehensive yet manageable breast cancer text that has the reader's perspective in mind."-Archives of Surgery