Brainstem Function and Dysfunction, Volume 58

1st Edition

Editors: Giorgio Cruccu Mark Hallett
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444520715
eBook ISBN: 9780444529213
Imprint: Elsevier
Published Date: 10th March 2006
Page Count: 302

Table of Contents

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Section I. Anatomy and Imaging.
1. Corticobulbar tracts (M. Hallett, G. Cruccu).2. Head eye-movement control model based on enetically selected neural network (N. Accornero, M. Capozza).3. Eye and eyelid movements during blinking: an eye blink center? (B.W. Ongerboer de Visser, L.J. Bour).4. 3D brainstem topodiagnosis – a voxel-based model analysing MR imaging data (J.J. Marx et al.).5. Functional activity mapping of brainstem nociceptive networks in animals (C.A. Porro, F. Lui).6. Brainstem functional imaging in humans (I. Tracey, G.D. Iannetti).
Section II. Physiology.
7. Laboratory and clinical investigations of the region of the rostral brainstem in motor control (D. Nandi et al.).8. Functional properties of brainstem motoneurons following their reinnervation of native or foreign muscles (J.M. Delgado-García, A. Gruart).9. Prepulse modulation of the startle reaction during preparation for movement execution (H. Kumru et al.).10. Trigemino-cervical reflexes: clinical applications and neuroradiological correlations (V. Di Lazzaro et al.).11. What the vestibulo-spinal system does and what it does not (A.M. Bronstein).12. Investigation of brainstem: descending pain modulation in animals and humans (D. Bouhassira, N. Danziger).
Section III. Pain.
13. Neuropathic facial pain (M. Haanpää, A. Truini).14. Diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia: a new appraisal based on clinical and neurophysiological findings (G. Cruccu et al.).15. Pain and itch in the Wallenberg's syndrome: anatomical–functional correlations (S. Fitzek et al.).16. Long-term depression of orofacial somatosensory processing (J. Ellrich).
17. Laser evoked potentials in primary headaches: a possible clinical or research tool? (M. Valeriani, D. Le Pera, F. Vigevano).
Section IV. Movement Disorders.
8. The startle reflex, voluntary m


The book is dedicated to physiological, neuroimaging and clinical studies on brainstem function. It is divided in four sections: Anatomy and Imaging, Physiology, Pain, and Movement Disorders.


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Giorgio Cruccu Editor

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Department of Neurological Sciences, La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy Professor of Neurology

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School of Medicine and Health Sciences, George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA