The present collection of papers focuses on the subject of vision. The papers bring together new insights and facts from various branches of experimental and theoretical neuroscience. The experimental facts presented in the volume stem from disparate fields, such as neuroanatomy, electrophysiology, optical imaging and psychophysics. The theoretical models in part are unsophisticated, yet still inspiring, while others skilfully apply advanced mathematical reasoning to results of experimental measurements. The book is the fifth in a series of volumes intending to define a theory of the brain by bringing together formal reasoning and experimental facts. The reader is thus being introduced to a new kind of brain science, where facts and theory are beginning to blend together.

Table of Contents

Visual Perception: Psychophysics and Physiology. Early vision: Images, context and memory (D. Sagi). Psychophysical mapping of orientation sensitivity in the human cortex (J.M. Zanker, V. Braitenberg). Multiple parietal representations of space (C.L. Colby et al.). Neural mechanism of figure-ground segregation at occluding contours in monkey prestriate cortex (R. Baumann et al.). Cortical Implementation: Physiology and Anatomy. Microarchitecture of neocortical columns (R.J. Douglas et al.). Functional topography of horizontal neuronal networks in cat visual cortex (Area 18) (K.F. Kisvárday et al.). Fast cortical dynamics: Receptive field plasticity, synaptic mechanisms and perceptual consequences (C.D. Gilbert, A. Das). Spatio-temporal dynamics of synaptic integration in cat visual cortical receptive fields (Y. Frégnac, V. Bringuier). On the role of neural synchrony in the primate visual cortex (A.K. Kreiter, W. Singer). Cortical Models and Computational Principles. Models for dynamic receptive fields and cross-correlograms in visual cortex (G.L. Gerstein, J. Xing). Anatomical origin and computational role of diversity in the response properties of cortical neurons (K.G. Spector et al.). Cell assemblies versus single cells (H. Barlow). Composition (E. Bienenstock).


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