Series: Work with Display Units

Most recent volume

Volume 94. Work with Display Units

Published: 1st August 1995 Editors: G. Molteni A. Grieco E. Occhipinti B. Piccoli
The most significant contributions from each of the fields represented at the conference on Work with Display Units 94 are presented in this volume. Such topics include:

• man at work

• work characteristics and contents

• environment, equipment and layout

• legislation and technical standards.

Selected Papers have been chosen on the basis of their scientific value and practical applicability with a view to providing those involved in the planning and development of production and servicing industries with a thorough account of current scientific knowledge. These selected papers cover the whole range of major health problems – from a preventive point of view – such as environmental and workplace factors, new health problems (electrical hypersensitivity, mouse arm syndrome) and finally legislation and standards.

Additional volumes

Volume 92. Work with Display Units

Published: 30th June 1993 Editors: H. Luczak A. Çakir G. Çakir

Volume 89. Work with Display Units

Published: 2nd November 1990 Editors: L. Berlinguet D. Berthelette

Volume 86. Work with Display Units

Published: 1st February 1987 Editors: P.-G. Widebäck B. Knave