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Volume 92. Work with Display Units

Published: 30th June 1993 Editors: H. Luczak A. Çakir G. Çakir
The most significant articles from each of the fields represented at the conference on Work with Display Units 1992 are presented in this volume. Such topics are:

• The newest occupational health research results, partially backed by extensive epidemiological studies, concerning radiation, eye fatigue, stressors and diseases of the musculoskeletal apparatus and the medical surveillance of workers with display units.

• Ergonomic studies pertaining to design improvements.

• Support of the human operator by intelligent user surfaces and interfaces, demonstrated by experimental results.

• The latest developments in input devices including virtual reality as well as multi-media, multi-screen and multi-language human computer interaction.

• Concepts of group work and organizational stress in combination with its psychophysical and psychophysiological evaluation, especially the problem of stress-strain regulation, adaptation and long-term effects on recovery and recreation.

• Discussion of hypertext and hypermedia as well as applications of computer aided techniques for knowledge acquisition, knowledge structuring and knowledge use for decisions and working processes in different contexts.

• New organizational concepts such as Chaos Theory and new methods of work design in industry such as Kansei Engineering.

• Discussion of the International Standardization and EC regulations.