Series: Woodhead Publishing Series in Welding and Other Joining Technologies

The Woodhead Publishing Series in Welding and Other Joining Technologies is a collection of professional reference books on recent advances in welding technology. The series provides comprehensive reviews on all the major technological developments in a broad range of welding techniques, procedures and joining technologies. The competitive advantage of the series is that it discusses the various problems that might be encountered, the advantages and disadvantages of the various processes and the importance of choosing the appropriate technology to fulfil a given requirement. Design recommendations and how they might be applied in good practice are also discussed as well as metallurgical phenomena, fatigue analysis, NDE and repair. The books in the series will be essential reading for metallurgists, practical welding engineers, materials scientists, welding inspectors, and all those involved in the study or practice of welding high-performance metals and other structural materials.
Book Series: Advances in Friction-Stir Welding and Processing

Most recent volume

Volume . Advances in Friction-Stir Welding and Processing

Published: 31st May 2014
Friction-stir welding (FSW) is a solid-state joining process primarily used on aluminum, and is also widely used for joining dissimilar metals such as aluminum, magnesium, copper and ferrous alloys. Recently, a friction-stir processing (FSP) technique based on FSW has been used for microstructural modifications, the homogenized and refined microstructure along with the reduced porosity resulting in improved mechanical properties. Advances in friction-stir welding and processing deals with the processes involved in different metals and polymers, including their microstructural and mechanical properties, wear and corrosion behavior, heat flow, and simulation. The book is structured into ten chapters, covering applications of the technology; tool and welding design; material and heat flow; microstructural evolution; mechanical properties; corrosion behavior and wear properties. Later chapters cover mechanical alloying and FSP as a welding and casting repair technique; optimization and simulation of artificial neural networks; and FSW and FSP of polymers.

Additional volumes

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Published: 30th November 2013

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IIW Recommendations On Methods for Improving the Fatigue Strength of Welded Joints

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IIW Recommendations for the Fatigue Assessment of Welded Structures By Notch Stress Analysis

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Fundamentals of Evaluation and Diagnostics of Welded Structures

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Adhesives in Marine Engineering

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Welding and Joining of Aerospace Materials

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Tailor Welded Blanks for Advanced Manufacturing

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Minimization of Welding Distortion and Buckling

Published: 25th May 2011

Fracture and Fatigue of Welded Joints and Structures

Published: 19th April 2011

Welding and Joining of Magnesium Alloys

Published: 28th October 2010

Advances in Laser Materials Processing

Published: 27th July 2010

Failure Mechanisms of Advanced Welding Processes

Published: 15th July 2010

Advances in Structural Adhesive Bonding

Published: 31st March 2010

Friction Stir Welding

Published: 18th December 2009

A Quick Guide to Welding and Weld Inspection

Published: 20th October 2009

Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding

Published: 26th June 2009

Weld Cracking in Ferrous Alloys

Published: 12th December 2008

Real-Time Weld Process Monitoring

Published: 17th April 2008

Microjoining and Nanojoining

Published: 27th March 2008

Computational Welding Mechanics

Published: 25th July 2007

Fatigue Assessment of Welded Joints by Local Approaches

Published: 30th October 2006

Advanced Welding Processes

Published: 11th October 2006

Fatigue Analysis of Welded Components

Published: 27th September 2006

Cumulative Damage of Welded Joints

Published: 25th August 2006

Mig Welding Guide

Published: 30th April 2006

Processes and Mechanisms of Welding Residual Stress and Distortion

Published: 10th October 2005

New Developments in Advanced Welding

Published: 30th September 2005

Adhesive Bonding

Published: 8th March 2005

Arc Welding Control

Published: 30th July 2003

The Welding of Aluminium and Its Alloys

Published: 24th September 2002

Health and Safety in Welding and Allied Processes

Published: 28th March 2002

Welding and Cutting

Published: 11th May 2001

Aluminium Welding

Published: 1st January 2001

Fatigue Design Procedure for Welded Hollow Section Joints

Published: 8th May 2000

Underwater Repair Technology

Published: 28th April 2000

The Welding Workplace

Published: 11th February 2000

Laser Welding

Published: 18th January 2000


Published: 18th January 2000

The Automotive Industry

Published: 18th January 2000


Published: 18th January 2000

Power Generation

Published: 18th January 2000

Non-Destructive Testing of Welds

Published: 1st January 2000

Handbook of Mould, Tool and Die Repair Welding

Published: 15th October 1999

Thermal Welding of Polymers

Published: 30th September 1999

Predictive Formulae for Weld Distortion

Published: 7th September 1999

Metallurgy of Welding

Published: 25th May 1999

Non-Destructive Examination of Underwater Welded Structures

Published: 15th May 1999

Exploiting Advances in Arc Welding Technology

Published: 1st January 1999

Computer Technology in Welding

Published: 25th September 1998

Underwater Wet Welding and Cutting

Published: 29th July 1998

Quality Assurance in Adhesive Technology

Published: 1st January 1998

Handbook of Structural Welding

Published: 7th August 1997

Metallurgy of Basic Weld Metal

Published: 29th July 1997

Fatigue of Thin Walled Joints Under Complex Loading

Published: 7th July 1997

Introduction to the Non-Destructive Testing of Welded Joints

Published: 1st January 1997

Heat Treatment of Welded Steel Structures

Published: 31st October 1996

Fatigue Design of Welded Joints and Components

Published: 31st October 1996

Welding Mechanisation and Automation in Shipbuilding Worldwide

Published: 31st May 1996

Crack Arrest Concepts for Failure Prevention and Life Extension

Published: 30th April 1996

The ‘Local Approach’ to Cleavage Fracture

Published: 30th November 1995

Stress Determination for Fatigue Analysis of Welded Components

Published: 30th April 1995

Tubular Wire Welding

Published: 31st July 1994

Weldability of Ferritic Steels

Published: 31st May 1994

Electron Beam Welding

Published: 1st January 1994

Welding Steels without Hydrogen Cracking

Published: 3rd August 1993

Laser Welding

Published: 31st October 1992

Handbook of Crack Opening Data

Published: 1st October 1992

Self-Shielded Arc Welding

Published: 30th September 1992

Shallow Crack Fracture Mechanics Toughness Tests and Applications

Published: 1st January 1992

A Practical Guide to TIG (GTA) Welding

Published: 31st October 1991

Fundamentals of Welding Metallurgy

Published: 31st July 1991

Process Pipe and Tube Welding

Published: 31st May 1991

The Fatigue Strength of Transverse Fillet Welded Joints

Published: 3rd January 1991

Fatigue Strength of Welded Structures

Published: 1st January 1991

Tig and Plasma Welding

Published: 31st October 1990

Pulsed Arc Welding

Published: 31st August 1990

Which Process?

Published: 30th June 1990

Design and Analysis of Fatigue Resistant Welded Structures

Published: 3rd January 1990

Submerged-Arc Welding

Published: 1st January 1990