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Volume . Vision in Vehicles VII

Published: 17th December 1999 Editor: A.G. Gale Authors: I.D. Brown S.P. Taylor C.M. Haslegrave
Chapter headings and selected papers: Preface. Keynote Lecture. An international perspective on vision in vehicles (J. Breen). Driver's Vision. Driver fatigue as identified by saccadic and blink indicators (N. Galley et al.). Foveal and Peripheral Task Performance. Drivers' ability to acquire in-car information presented in the peripheral field of view without fixating - a simulator study (L. Nilsson et al.). Ageing. Older drivers' pedestrian detection times surrounding head-up versus head-down speedometer glances (R.J. Kiefer). Fatigue. Waking up at the wheel: accidents, attention and the time-gap experience (P. Chapman et al.). Road Transport Informatics. Jaguar cars' near infrared night vision system - overview of human factors research to date (P. Barham et al.). Intelligent Driver Support Systems. Towards predicting driver intentions from patterns of eye fixations (A. Liu). Visual Scanning. Looking for danger: drivers' eye movements in hazardous situations (P. Chapman, G. Underwood). Visual Steering Control. Peripheral detection rates in drivers (D.E. Crundall et al.). Artificial vision for a motorcycle (M. Kourogi, Y. Muraoka). Speed and Distance Perception. Vehicle's motion detection: influence of road layout and relation with visual driver's assessment (J. Santos et al.). Perception of 'Time-to-Collision'. Distance over-estimation of vehicle rear lights in fog (V. Cavallo et al.). Visual Demand. Visual allocation of expert and novice drivers (T.C. Lansdown et al.). Visibility and Conspicuity. Understanding the role of blind spots around heavy goods vehicles: perception, measurement and 3D visualisation (C. Larue, D. Giguère). Route Guidance Systems. Combining dynamic route information panels with other signs: its effect on driver information intake (W. Janssen et al.).

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