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Volume . The Economics of Urban Areas

Published: 29th June 1972 Author: B. Goodall
Urban and Regional Planning Series, Volume 3: The Economics of Urban Areas focuses on the importance of economic considerations in the functioning of urban systems. The publication first elaborates on the economic dimension of urbanization, nature of economic analysis, urban policy and planning implications, and use of economic models. The text then examines the economic basis of urban areas, urban real property market, and urban land-use patterns. Discussions focus on differences in land-use patterns between urban areas, generalized pattern of urban land use, determination of real property prices, nature of urban land and property values, and the nature and function of the urban real property market. The book takes a look at urban location decisions, urban growth, and level of urban economic activity. Topics include urban growth versus fluctuations in urban economic activity, planning and redevelopment, economics of redevelopment, factor influencing expansion patterns and choice of residential location, and determination of urban land-use patterns. The manuscript also examines the size and spacing of urban areas and urban economic growth. The publication is a valuable source of data for researchers interested in the economics of urban areas.

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