Series: Urban and Regional Planning Series

Planning Under Pressure

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Volume . Planning Under Pressure

Published: 9th November 2004 Editors: John Friend Allen Hickling
Planning under Pressure offers managers, planners, consultants and students a comprehensive and authoritative guide to the Strategic Choice Approach, which has gradually been attracting worldwide recognition as a fresh, versatile and practical approach to collaborative decision-making under uncertainty. Starting from basic principles, the book uses helpful diagrams and clear explanations to demonstrate practical ways of approaching daunting decision problems; of devising possible ways forward; and of working effectively towards agreed courses of action. Along he way, decision makers are helped to cope with diverse sources of uncertainty – technical, political, managerial – in a strategic manner. In this extended third edition, the authors have added short contributions from 21 users from seven countries. These new contributors present lessons from their varied experiences in adapting the Strategic Choice Approach to guide decision-making and learning in settings ranging from the re-routing of a controversial city carnival procession to national policy for the management of nuclear waste.

Additional volumes

Volume 38. A Decision-centred View of Environmental Planning

Published: 1st June 1987 Editors: A. Faludi

Volume 37. Planning Under Pressure

Published: 1st January 1987 Editors: J. Friend A. Hickling

Volume 36. Models of Urban & Regional Systems in Developing Countries

Published: 12th October 1987 Editors: George Chadwick

Volume 34. Planning for Small Enterprises in Third World Cities

Published: 1st December 1984 Editors: Richard Bromley

Volume 33. Regional Development in the USSR

Published: 1st December 1984 Editors: M. K. Bandman F. E. I. Hamilton B.P. Kutyriev

Volume 32. Energy Policy and Land-Use Planning

Published: 1st April 1984 Editors: D. R. Cope P. Hills P. James

Volume 25. Urban Planning Practice In Developing Countries

Published: 22nd February 1982 Editors: J.L. Taylor D.G. Williams

Volume 23. Spatial Search

Published: 1st June 1983 Editors: D. R. Diamond B. H. Massam

Volume 21. The Limits of Power

Published: 31st January 1983 Editors: A. Blowers

Cityport Industrialization and Regional Development

Published: 29th May 1981 Editors: B. Hoyle D. Pinder

Volume 20. Essays on Planning Theory and Education

Published: 15th May 1978 Editors: A. Faludi

Volume 19. Citizen Participation in Planning

Published: 27th June 1977 Editors: M. Fagence

Transportation Planning, Policy and Analysis

Published: 24th November 1976 Editors: D.N.M. Starkie

Volume 5. A Reader in Planning Theory

Published: 1st January 1973 Editors: Andreas Faludi

Volume 3. The Economics of Urban Areas

Published: 29th June 1972 Editors: B. Goodall