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Volume 21. The Limits of Power

Published: 16th February 2016 Author: A. Blowers
A text which focuses on the relationship of local politicians and professional planners in the planning process, adopting a conceptual framework within which a series of case studies is analysed. It shows that where power is limited or diffuse, or liable to change, policy making can be uncertain or inconsistent. The book covers a wide range of planning policy, including transportation and land development and because the author has had both academic and political experience this gives his work a unique emphasis.

Additional volumes

Volume 36. Models of Urban & Regional Systems in Developing Countries

Published: 16th February 2016 Author: George Chadwick

Volume 19. Citizen Participation in Planning

Published: 10th October 2014 Author: M. Fagence

Volume 38. A Decision-centred View of Environmental Planning

Published: 1st June 1987 Author: A. Faludi

Volume 32. Energy Policy and Land-Use Planning

Published: 1st April 1984 Editors: D. R. Cope P. Hills P. James

Volume 23. Spatial Search

Published: 1st June 1983 Editor: D. R. Diamond Author: B. H. Massam

Volume 25. Urban Planning Practice In Developing Countries

Published: 22nd February 1982 Editors: J.L. Taylor D.G. Williams

Volume 20. Essays on Planning Theory and Education

Published: 15th May 1978 Author: A. Faludi

Volume 5. A Reader in Planning Theory

Published: 1st January 1973 Editor: Andreas Faludi

Volume 3. The Economics of Urban Areas

Published: 29th June 1972 Author: B. Goodall