Series: Tribology and Interface Engineering

The Tribology Book Series, under the Editorship of Professor Duncan Dowson, CBE, FRS, FREng grew into a major and seminal archival source for definitive books on the subject of Classical Tribology, as well as providing a publication base for the "flagship" Tribology Symposium organised jointly between the Universities of Leeds and Lyon. Over a period of 25 years more than 40 volumes have appeared which now amount to a major reference source in the Tribology literature.

Professor Dowson's retirement from the Series Editor's position at the end of 2002 has prompted a widening of the scope to include other facets of the now recognised and expanding topic of Interface Engineering. The new Series Editor is Professor Brian Briscoe of Imperial College London, currently Editor-in-Chief of Tribology International, and to reflect these developments the series has been renamed Tribology and Interface Engineering. The expanded content will now include Colloid and Multiphase Systems; Rheology; Colloids; Tribology and Erosion; Processing Systems; Machining; Interfaces and Adhesion; as well as the classical Tribology content which will continue to include Friction; Contact Damage; Lubrication and Wear at all length scales. To this end a new Editorial Board has been assembled to include international experts who will seek to drive the new mission of the book series in the future.

For more information, please contact the Series Editor:
Professor Brian Briscoe
Department of Chemical Engineering
Imperial College London
Prince Consort Road
London SW7 2BY

Book Series: Tribology of Polymeric Nanocomposites

Most recent volume

Volume 55. Tribology of Polymeric Nanocomposites

Published: 30th May 2013 Authors: Klaus Friedrich Alois Schlarb

1. Tribological applications of polymers and their composites: Past, present and future prospects
2. The Effect of Nanoparticle Fillers on Transfer Film Formation and the Tribological Behavior of Polymers
3. Synergistic effects of nanoparticles and traditional tribo-fillers on sliding wear of polymeric hybrid composites
4. The influence of nanoparticle fillers on the friction and wear behavior of polymer matrices
5. Tribological behavior of polymer nanocomposites produced by dispersion of nanofillers in molten thermoplastics
6. Sliding wear performance of epoxy-based nanocomposites
7. Wear simulation of a polymer–steel sliding pair considering temperature- and time-dependent material properties
8. On the friction and wear of carbon nanofiber-reinforced PEEK-based polymer composites
9. Wear behavior of carbon nanotube-reinforced polyethylene and epoxy composites
10. Tribology properties of carbon nanotube-reinforced composites
11. Wear and wear maps of coatings
12. Hybridized carbon nanocomposite thin films: Synthesis, structures and tribological properties
13. Friction and sliding wear of "nanomodified" and coated rubbers
14. Scratch resistance of protective sol-gel coatings on polymeric substrates
15. Scratch behavior of polymeric materials
16. Wear and scratch damage in polymer nanocomposites
17. Polytetrafluoroethylene matrix nanocomposites for tribological applications
18. Development of nanostructured slide coatings for automotive components
19. Friction and wear behavior of PEEK and its composite coatings
20. Surface engineering with micro and nano-sized solid lubricants for enhanced performance of polymer composites and bearings
21. Novel nanocomposites and hybrids for lubricating coating applications
22. A novel Neural Network approach for modeling tribological properties of polyphenylene sulfide reinforced on different scales

Additional volumes

Volume 56. Coatings Tribology

Published: 18th March 2009 Authors: Kenneth Holmberg Allan Matthews

Volume 54. High Pressure Rheology for Quantitative Elastohydrodynamics

Published: 6th March 2007 Author: Scott Bair

Volume 53. Acoustic Emission in Friction

Published: 28th November 2006 Authors: Victor Baranov Evgeny Kudryavtsev Gennady Sarychev Vladimir Schavelin

Volume 51. Scratching of Materials and Applications

Published: 29th September 2006 Author: Sujeet K. Sinha

Volume 52. Tribology of Metal Cutting

Published: 7th September 2006 Author: Viktor Astakhov

CIMA Exam Practice Kit Organisational Management and Information Systems

Published: 18th April 2006 Series Editor: Walter Allan Author: Jaspar Robertson

Volume 49. Tribology in Electrical Environments

Published: 12th December 2005 Author: H. Prashad

Volume 50. Tribology and Biophysics of Artificial Joints

Published: 2nd December 2005 Author: Pinchuk

Volume 48. Life Cycle Tribology

Published: 13th October 2005 Editors: Duncan Dowson M. Priest G. Dalmaz A Lubrecht

Volume 47. Tribology of Elastomers

Published: 24th August 2004 Author: Si-wei Zhang

Volume 46. An Intelligent System for Engine Tribological Design

Published: 14th July 2004 Authors: Xiangju Zhang Chaglin Gui

Volume 43. Transient Processes in Tribology

Published: 4th June 2004 Editors: A Lubrecht G. Dalmaz

Volume 44. Experimental Methods in Tribology

Published: 18th May 2004 Authors: Gwidon Stachowiak Andrew Batchelor

Volume 45. Tribochemistry of Lubricating Oils

Published: 2nd December 2003 Author: Zenon Pawlak

Volume 42. Lubricated Wear

Published: 20th June 2003 Editor: A. Sethuramiah

Volume 40. Boundary and Mixed Lubrication: Science and Applications

Published: 10th July 2002 Authors: G. Dalmaz D. Dowson M. Priest A Lubrecht

Volume 39. Tribology Research: From Model Experiment to Industrial Problem

Published: 18th June 2001 Authors: G. Dalmaz D. Dowson M. Priest A Lubrecht

Volume 38. Thinning Films and Tribological Interfaces

Published: 1st September 2000 Authors: D. Dowson M. Priest C. M. Taylor P. Ehret T.H.C. Childs G. Dalmaz A Lubrecht Y. Berthier L. Flamand J.M. Georges

Volume 37. Multi-Level Methods in Lubrication

Published: 21st July 2000 Editors: C.H. Venner A Lubrecht

Volume 36. Lubrication at the Frontier: The Role of the Interface and Surface Layers in the Thin Film and Boundary Regime

Published: 1st July 1999 Authors: M. Priest P. Ehret L. Flamand G. Dalmaz T.H.C. Childs D. Dowson Y. Berthier C.M. Taylor A Lubrecht J.M. Georges

Volume 35. Molybdenum Disulphide Lubrication

Published: 28th May 1999 Author: A.R. Lansdown

Volume 34. Tribology for Energy Conservation

Published: 23rd July 1998 Editors: L. Flamand G. Dalmaz D. Dowson T.H.C. Childs Y. Berthier J.M. Georges A Lubrecht C.M. Taylor

Volume 33. Hydrodynamic Lubrication

Published: 10th November 1997 Authors: J. Frene D. Nicolas B. Degueurce D. Berthe M. Godet

Volume 32. Elastohydrodynamics - '96

Published: 22nd July 1997 Editors: C. Taylor L. Flamand G. Dalmaz D. Dowson T.H.C. Childs Y. Berthier J.M. Georges A Lubrecht

Volume 28. Coatings Tribology

Published: 15th July 1994 Authors: K. Holmberg A. Matthews