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Volume 9. Epigenetics of Chronic Pain

Published: 1st January 2019 Series Volume Editors: Guang Bai Ke Ren

In recent years, epigenetic regulation of gene expression has been shown to play a central role in managing human pain sensitivity. Findings show that expression of many genes critical to increases or decreases in pain sensitivity are indeed regulated by DNA methylation and its enzymes, histone-involved chromatin remodeling, and noncoding RNAs, mainly microRNAs.

With Epigenetics of Chronic pain, Editors Guang Bai and Ke Ren have compiled the first applied, comprehensive volume on the role of epigenetics in chronic pain sensitivity, providing a detailed but accessible view of the field from basic principles to clinical application. Leading international researchers from across academia, clinical settings, and the pharmaceutical industry discuss essential mechanisms of chronic pain epigenetics - including the molecular processes of chromatin remodeling, histone modifications, microRNAs and noncoding RNAs - involved in regulating genes tied to pain sensitivity. The influence of epigenetics in inflammatory, neuropathic, visceral, and other pain models is examined in-depth, with data derived principally from epigenetic studies on peripheral and central mechanisms of pain sensitivity in animal models and clinical cases studies. Studies and case examples cited highlight therapeutic pathways of significance and next steps for researchers to develop epigenetic-based treatments for chronic pain.

Epigenetics of Chronic Pain synthesizes our current understanding of epigenetic regulation of chronic pain in an accessible and clinically relevant format, enabling clinicians, researchers, and pharmacologists to better understand and treat chronic pain.

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