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Volume 6. Biological and Environmental Effects of Arsenic

Published: 1st January 1983 Editor: B.A. Fowler
Topics in Environmental Health, Volume 6: Biological and Environmental Effects of Arsenic focuses on the properties, characteristics, and reactions of arsenic and its effects on the environment. The selection first tackles the mobilization of arsenic by natural and industrial processes and emissions, cycling, and effects of arsenic in soil ecosystems. Discussions focus on the effects of arsenic on plants and soil microorganisms, exposure through consumption, sources of arsenic, and mobilization of arsenic by natural processes and industrial activities. The publication then ponders on environmental reaction and analysis methods and arsenical metabolism and toxicity to freshwater and marine species. The text examines the metabolism of arsenic and epidemiology of human arsenic exposure, including acute and chronic effects by arsenic in man, absorption, tissue distribution and retention, and elimination and biological half-time. The publication then takes a look at the toxicity of arsenic and its compounds, as well as biological transformation of arsenic compounds in soil ecosystems and effects on plants; biotransformation of arsenic compounds and toxicity to freshwater and marine biota; and environmental transformation of arsenic in freshwater/marine ecosystems. The selection is a dependable reference for readers interested in the biological and environmental effects of arsenic.

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