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Volume 4. Halogenated Biphenyls, Terphenyls, Naphthalenes, Dibenzodioxins and Related Products

Published: 1st March 1989 Editors: R.D. Kimbrough A.A. Jensen
The chemical industry is increasingly faced with problems arizing from chemicals produced during the manufacture of halogenated biphenyls or phenols. Knowledge of these chemicals and their destructive properties is sporadic, and the acute toxicity of this group varies widely. This informative revised edition presents the chemistry, environmental pollution problems, animal toxicology and information about structure-activity relationships. A brief overview is given of worker exposure and occupational illness. The book is divided into three parts: chemistry and environmental contamination; experimental toxicology; and human exposure and effects. Because of the great deal of interest in these compounds much new research work has been conducted since the first edition of this book was published. This revised edition has retained the effectiveness and clarity of the first edition, while being supplemented with new information, condensed old information, and examples of recent incidents.

Additional volumes

Volume 6. Biological and Environmental Effects of Arsenic

Published: 1st January 1983 Editor: B.A. Fowler

Volume 5. Biological and Environmental Aspects of Chromium

Published: 1st January 1982 Editor: S. Langård