Series: Topics in Discrete Mathematics

The books in this series contain selected papers from the journals Discrete Mathematics and Discrete Applied Mathematics.

Most recent volume

Volume 12. Computational Molecular Biology

Published: 2nd April 2003 Editors: S. Istrail P. Pevzner R. Shamir
This volume contains papers demonstrating the variety and richness of computational problems motivated by molecular biology. The application areas within biology that give rise to the problems studied in these papers include solid molecular modeling, sequence comparison, phylogeny, evolution, mapping, DNA chips, protein folding and 2D gel technology. The mathematical techniques used are algorithmics, combinatorics, optimization, probability, graph theory, complexity and applied mathematics.

This is the fourth volume in the Discrete Applied Mathematics series on computational molecular biology, which is devoted to combinatorial and algorithmic techniques in computational molecular biology. This series publishes novel research results on the mathematical and algorithmic foundations of the inherently discrete aspects of computational biology.

Key features:

• protein folding • phylogenetic inference • 2-dimensional gel analysis • graphical models for sequencing by hybridisation • dynamic visualization of molecular surfaces • problems and algorithms in sequence alignment

This book is a reprint of Discrete Applied Mathematics Volume 127, Number 1.

Additional volumes

Volume 11. Discrete Optimization

Published: 19th March 2003 Editors: E. Boros P.L. Hammer

Volume 10. The Satisfiability Problem

Published: 26th November 1999 Editors: FRANCO

Volume 9. Trends in Discrete Mathematics

Published: 24th March 1995 Editors: W. Deuber H.J. Prömel B. Voight

Topological, Algebraical and Combinatorial Structures

Published: 24th March 1993 Editors: J. Nešetril

A Collection of Contributions in Honour of Jack van Lint

Published: 4th December 1992 Editors: P.J. Cameron H.C.A. van Tilborg

The Julius Petersen Graph Theory Centennial

Published: 8th October 1992 Editors: L.D. Andersen J. Bang-Jensen T.R. Jensen L.K. Jørgensen G. Sabidussi C. Thomassen B. Toft P.D. Vestergaard

Volume 5. Interconnection Networks

Published: 21st August 1992 Editors: J.-C. Bermond

Volume 4. Designs and Graphs

Published: 25th March 1992 Editors: C.J. Colbourn D. Jungnickel A. Rosa

Volume 3. Directions in Infinite Graph Theory and Combinatorics

Published: 25th March 1992 Editors: R. Diestel

Selected Papers in Combinatorics

Published: 18th March 1992 Editors: B.D. McKay J.R. Seberry S.A. Vanstone

Volume 1. Combinatorics and Theoretical Computer Science

Published: 5th February 1992 Editors: R. Simion