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Volume 19. Theoretical Aspects of Chemical Reactivity

Published: 14th November 2006 Series Volume Editor: Alejandro Toro-Labbe
Chapter 1. Chemical Reactivity and the Shape Function (P. Geerlings et al.).
Chapter 2. Density Functional Theory Models of Reactivity Based on an Energetic Criterion (A. Cedillo).
Chapter 3. The Breakdown of the Maximum Hardness and Minimum Polarizability Principles for Nontotally Symmetric Vibrations (M. Torrent-Sucarrant et al.).
Chapter 4. Classification of Control Space Parameters for Topological Studies of Reactivity and Chemical Reactions (B. Silvi et al.).
Chapter 5. Understanding and Using the Electron Localization Function (ELF) (P. Fuentealba et al.).
Chapter 6. Electronic Structure and Reactivity in Double of Rydberg Anions: Characterization of a Novel Kind of Electron Pair (J. Melin et al.).
Chapter 7. Using the Reactivity-Selectivity Descriptor &Dgrp;f(r) in Organic Chemistry (C. Morell et al.).
Chapter 8. The Average Local Ionization Energy: Concepts and Applications (P. Politzer, J.S. Murray).
Chapter 9. The Electrophilicity Index in Organic Chemistry (P. Pérez et al.).
Chapter 10. Electronic Structure and Reactivity of Aromatic Metal Clusters (P. Gonzáalez et al.).
Chapter 11. Small Gold Clusters Form Nonconventional Hydrogen Bonds X-H-Au: Gold-Water Clusters as Example (E.S. Kryachko, F. Remacle).
Chapter 12. Theoretical Design of Electronically Stabilized Molecules Containing Planar Tetracoordinate Carbons (A. Vela et al.).
Chapter 13. Chemical Reactivity Dynamics in Ground and Excited Electronic States (P.K. Chattaraj, U. Sarkar).
Chapter 14. Quantum Chemical Topology and Reactivity: A Comparative Static and Dynamic Study on a SN2 Reaction (Laurent Joubert et al.).
Chapter 15. 1,4-Dihydropyridine Calcium Channel Blockers with Electronic Descriptors Produced by Quantum Chemical Topology (U.A. Chaudry et al.).

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