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Volume . Introduction to Data Compression

Published: 23rd October 2017 Author: Khalid Sayood

Introduction to Data Compression, Fifth Edition, builds on the success of what is widely considered the best introduction and reference text on the art and science of data compression.

Data compression techniques and technology are ever-evolving with new applications in image, speech, text, audio and video. This new edition includes all the latest developments in the field.

Khalid Sayood provides an extensive introduction to the theory underlying today’s compression techniques, with detailed instruction for their applications using several examples to explain the concepts. Encompassing the entire field of data compression, the book includes lossless and lossy compression, Huffman coding, arithmetic coding, dictionary techniques, context based compression, and scalar and vector quantization.

The book provides a comprehensive working knowledge of data compression, giving the reader the tools to develop a complete and concise compression package.

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