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Volume . Building the Agile Enterprise

Published: 13th September 2016 Author: Fred Cummins

Building the Agile Enterprise with Capabilities, Collaborations and Values, Second Edition covers advances that make technology more powerful and pervasive while, at the same time, improving alignment of technology with business. Using numerous examples, illustrations, and case studies, Fred Cummins, an industry expert, author and former fellow with EDS and Hewlett Packard, updates his first edition incorporating the following industry developments:

  • The ubiquitous use of the Internet along with intelligent, mobile devices, which have enabled everyone and everything to be connected anytime, anywhere
  • The emergence of a “business architecture” discipline that has driven improvements in business design and transformation practices
  • The development of CMMN (Case Management Model and Notation) that will provide automation to support the collaboration of knowledge workers and managers
  • The development of VDML (Value Delivery Modeling Language) that supports modeling of business design from a management perspective
  • The importance of “big data” management and analysis as a new source of insight into evolution of the business and the ecosystem
  • How the architecture of the agile enterprise and business modeling change enterprise governance, management and innovation

Building the Agile Enterprise with Capabilities, Collaborations and Values, Second Edition is a must have reference for business leaders, CTOs; business architects, information systems architects and business process modeling professionals who wish to close the gap between strategic planning and business operations as well as the gap between business and IT and enhance the creation and delivery of business value.

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