Series: The Europump Guides to Advanced Pumping Technology

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Volume . Attainable Efficiencies for Volute Casing Pumps

Published: 29th July 1999 Editors: EUROPUMP
Are you getting the most out of your volute casing pump? Are you operating at the maximum practically attainable efficiency? How can you be certain?

This booklet takes the reader step by step through the calculation process, comparing actual performance with the maximum practically attainable, theoretical maximum and the average attainable efficiencies. Reasons for the variance are then discussed. Derived from the evaluation of experimental data from 176 different volute casing pumps, this is the second in the series of Europump's guides to advances in pumping technology.

For single-stage pumps equipped with a multi-vaned closed impeller running in a single-suction volute casing, at flow rates between 18m3 – 18 000 m3/h (80 gpm – 80 000 gpm).

Published in association with World Pumps Magazine, the leading international journal for pump users.

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Net Positive Suction Head for Rotodynamic Pumps: A Reference Guide

Published: 13th May 1999 Editors: EUROPUMP