Series: The Cytoskeleton

The Cytoskeleton has many features, for example, the basic building blocks and transport functions of microtubules, myosin motor molecules, and actin mircrofilaments, which are conserved between cell types and even between organisms. However, in addition there are certain features of organization, regulation, or function which are specific to different cell or tissue types. Increasing knowledge of the properties of the cytoskeleton during normal cell function has been paralleled by an awareness that the cytoskeleton plays important roles in disease processes and cell pathology. It is now clear that abnormalities in the cytoskeleton can have sufficient impact on cell physiology that altered cell function and disease follow.
Book Series: Cytoskeleton in Specialized Tissues and in Pathological States

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Volume 3. Cytoskeleton in Specialized Tissues and in Pathological States

Published: 25th June 1996 Editors: J.E. Hesketh I.F. Pryme
Contents. List of Contributors. Introduction (J.E. Hesketh and I.F. Pryme). Red Cell Cytoskeletal Abnormalities (J.E. Barker). Dynamic Modulations and Functional Importance of the Actin Network in Human Neutrophils (T. Andersson, M. Fällman, C. Hellberg, R. Löfgren, J. Ng-Sikorksi, A. Sjölander, and E. Särndahl). The Hepatocyte Cytoskeleton: Biochemical, Physiological, and Pathological Aspects (L. Agius). Defects in Muscle-Cytoskeleton Interaction in Diseased States (E. Ozawa and A. Suzuki). The Cytoskeleton and Neoplastic Transformation (S. Kellie). Intermediate Filament Proteins in the Inner Ear (W. Kuijpers and F.C.S. Ramaekers). The Neuronal Cytoskeleton M.S. Bush, P.A.M. Eagles, and PR. Gordon-Weeks). The Cytoskeleton in the Biology of Bone Cells (A. Lomri and P.J. Marie). Antibodies to Keratin and Associated Intermediate Filaments in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Other Connective Tissue Diseases (D.L. Scott and P. Kurki). The Cytoskeleton and Virus Infection (D.G. Macejak and R.B. Luftig). Regulation of Cell Morphology and Growth by Syndecan-1: Altered Expression in Malignancy (P. Inki and M. Jalkanen). The Sperm Cytoskeleton and its Defects (B.A. Afzelius). The Cytoskeleton of the Intestinal Epithelium: components, Assembly, and Dynamic Rearrangements (W.M. Bement and M.S. Mooseker). The Plant Cytoskeleton (E. Davies, B.D. Fillingham, and S. Abe). Plasma Membrane-Cytoskeleton Complex in the Normal and Cataractous Lens (E.L. Benedetti, I. Dunia, J.L. Dufier, Y.K. Seng, and H. Bloemendal). Index.

Additional volumes

Volume 2. Role in Cell Physiology

Published: 31st May 1996 Editors: I.F. Pryme J.E. Hesketh

Volume 1. Structure and Assembly

Published: 9th November 1995 Editors: J.E. Hesketh I.F. Pryme