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Volume 12. Atomic Clusters

Published: 18th April 2007 Series Volume Editor: D. Woodruff
Atomic Clusters: From Gas Phase to Deposited brings together a series of chapters, prepared by acknowledged experts in their fields. Both fundamental and practical aspects are addressed of the physics and chemistry of a novel state of matter, namely clusters of small numbers of atoms of nanometre dimensions. This is a field of nanoscience that existed before the word was invented, but has particularly achieved major advances in the recent years.

Additional volumes

Volume 7. Phase Transitions and Adsorbate Restructuring at Metal Surface

Published: 5th July 1994 Authors: D.A. King D.P. Woodruff

Volume 8. Growth and Properties of Ultrathin Epitaxial Layers

Published: 18th June 1997 Author: Author Unknown

Volume 9. Oxide Surfaces

Published: 21st May 2001 Series Volume Editor: D. Woodruff

Volume 10. Surface Alloys and Alloy Surfaces

Published: 21st August 2002 Series Volume Editor: D. Woodruff

Volume 11. Surface Dynamics

Published: 7th November 2003 Series Volume Editor: D. Woodruff