Series: Technology Transfer Handbook Series

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Volume . High Power Lasers

Published: 28th April 1989 Editors: B. L. Mordike A. Niku-Lari
The use of lasers for the working and treatment of materials is becoming increasingly common in industry. However, certain laser applications, for example, in welding, cutting and drilling, are more widely exploited than others. Whilst the potential of lasers for the surface treatment of metals is well recognised, in practice, this particular application is a relative newcomer. The 24 papers in this volume present the latest research and engineering developments in the use of lasers for processes such as surface melting, surface alloying and cladding, and machining, as well as discussing the properties of laser-treated materials.

Additional volumes

Metal Treatments Against Wear, Corrosion, Fretting & Fatigue

Published: 29th July 1988 Editors: R. B. Waterhouse A. Niku-Lari

CAD/CAM and FEM in Metal Working

Published: 1st July 1988 Editors: A. Niku-Lari S.K. Ghosh