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Volume 14. Optical Characterization of Semiconductors

Published: 31st August 1993 Author: Sidney Perkowitz
This is the first book to explain, illustrate, and compare the most widely used methods in optics: photoluminescence, infrared spectroscopy, and Raman scattering. Written with non-experts in mind, the book develops the background needed to understand the why and how of each technique, but does not require special knowledge of semiconductors or optics. Each method is illustrated with numerous case studies. Practical information drawn from the authors experience is given to help establish optical facilities, including commercial sources for equipment, and experimental details. For industrial scientists with specific problems in semiconducting materials; for academic scientists who wish to apply their spectroscopic methods to characterization problems; and for students in solid state physics, materials science and engineering, and semiconductor electronics and photonics, this book provides a unique overview, bringing together these valuable techniques in a coherent wayfor the first time.

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