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Volume . Coal Energy Systems

Published: 15th October 2004 Author: Bruce Miller
Preface 1. Introduction to Coal What is Coal? Origin of Coal Coalification Classification of Coal Coal Distribution and Resources References 2. Past, Present, and Future Role of Coal The Use of Coal in the Pre-Industrial Revolution Era The Use of Coal during the Industrial Revolution Post-Industrial Revolution Use of Coal Overview of Energy in the United States Coal Production in the United States Coal Consumption in the United States U.S. Coal Exports and Imports World Primary Energy Production and Consumption Future Projections of Energy Use and Coal’s Role of Cole in the United States’ 2001 Energy Policy References 3. The Effect of Coal Usage on Human Health and the Environment Coal Mining Coal Preparation Coal Transportation Coal Combustion By-Products (CCB) Emissions from Coal Combustion References 4. Coal-Fired Emissions and Legislative Action in the United States Major Coal-Related Health Episodes History of Legislative Action for Coal-Fired Power Plants Emissions Legislation in other Countries Air Quality and Coal-Fired Emissions References 5. Technologies for Coal Utilization Coal Combustion Carbonization Gasification Liquefaction References 6. Emissions Control Strategies for Power Plants Currently Regulated Emissions Pollutants with Pending Compliance Regulation Potential Future Regulated Emissions Multipollutant Control References 7. Future Power Generation (Near Zero Emissions During Electricity Generation) Clean Coal Technology Demonstration Program Power Plant Improvement Initiative Clean Coal Power Initiative Vision 21 FutureGen Benefits of the DOE’s Clean Coal Power References 8. Coal’s Role in Providing United States Energy Security Overview of U.S. Energy Security Issues National Energy Plan and Coal Utilization Energy and the Economy Natural Gas Use in Power Generation The Potential of Coal to Reduce U.S. Dependency on Imported Crude Oil The Resurgence of Coal in Electric Power Generation Production of Hydrogen from Coal The Role of Coal in Providing Security to the U.S. Food Supply Coal’s Role in International Energy Security and Sustainable Development Concluding Statements References Appendix A. Coal-Fired Emission Factors Appendix B. Original List of Hazardous Air Pollutants Appendix C. Initial 263 Units Identified in Phase I of the Acid Rain Program Appendix D. Commercial Gasification Facilities Worldwide Index

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