Most recent volume

Volume 61. History of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology

Published: 20th July 2010 Authors: C. H. Lucking Marc Nuwer

Additional volumes

Volume 60. Motor Unit Number Estimation and Quantitative EMG

Published: 26th May 2009 Editor: M. B. Bromberg

Volume 59. Functional Neuroscience: Evoked Potentials and Related Techniques

Published: 22nd June 2006 Editors: Colin Barber Sadatoshi Tsuji

Volume 58. Brainstem Function and Dysfunction

Published: 10th March 2006 Editors: Giorgio Cruccu Mark Hallett

Volume 57. Advances in Clinical Neurophysiology

Published: 1st December 2004 Editors: Mark Hallett L. H. Phillips D. L. Schomer K. M. Massey

Volume 56. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Published: 16th September 2003 Editors: W. Paulus F. Tergau M. A. Nitsche J. C. Rothwell U. Ziemann Mark Hallett

Volume 55. Motor Unit Number Estimation

Published: 13th May 2003 Editor: M. B. Bromberg

Volume 54. Advances in Clinical Neurophysiology

Published: 9th August 2002 Editors: R. C. Reisin Marc Nuwer Mark Hallett C. Medina

Volume 53. Clinical Neurophysiology at the Beginning of the 21st Century

Published: 12th December 2000 Editors: Z. Ambler S. Nevsimalova Z. Kadanka P. Rossini