Series: Studies in Regional Science and Urban Economics

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Volume . Transport in a Unified Europe

Published: 9th November 1993 Editors: D. Banister J. Berechman
Fundamental changes are taking place in Europe - demographic, economic, technological and lifestyles. Barriers are coming down and the EC 12 are likely to increase in number, making Europe the largest free trade area in the world. Transport will have a key role in achieving greater unification in Europe. This book takes a Europe-wide perspective in presenting transport by the different modes of travel. This contextual part is then balanced with extensive reviews of the policy issues and challenges facing decision makers - these include missing transport networks, the issue of sustainability, peripheral countries, regulatory reforms, links with Central and East European countries, finance and investment. Finally, a comparison is made with the USA. The book brings together 22 authors from 16 different countries, and this unique combination of international authors gives an authoritative overview of transport. It provides a definitive view of the main transport issues in Europe and analyses the main challenges facing decision makers at all levels.

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Advances in Urban Systems Modelling

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Spatial Economics: Density, Potential and Flow

Published: 1st July 1985 Editors: M. Beckmann T. Puu

Large-Scale Energy Projects: Assessment of Regional Consequences

Published: 1st January 1985 Editors: T.R. Lakshmanan B. Johansson

Regional and Industrial Development Theories, Models and Empirical Evidence

Published: 1st September 1984 Editors: Å.E. Andersson T. Puu W. Isard

Economic-Environmental Modeling in a National-Regional System

Published: 1st January 1984 Editors: W.A. Hafkamp

Multiregional Economic Modeling: Practice and Prospect

Published: 1st January 1982 Editors: B. Issaev F. Snickars P. Rietveld P. Nijkamp

Multiple Objective Decision Methods and Regional Planning

Published: 1st January 1980 Editors: P. Rietveld

Theories of Urban Externalities

Published: 1st January 1980 Editors: Y. Kanemoto