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Volume . Public Transit Economics and Deregulation Policy

Published: 6th April 1993 Editor: L. Anselin Author: J. Berechman
Drawing on transit experience from various countries and markets, this book examines the economic environment of transit operations, the cost and production properties of transit service supply and the policies and prospects of transit regulatory reform. The principal objectives of the book are: first to conduct theoretical and empirical analyses of the major factors which jointly determine the economic structure and conditions of the transit sector; and second to explore and suggest policies which could resolve the sector's present crisis and make it economically viable. The first objective is explored in Part One where major structural demand factors and regulatory and subsidy conditions are identified and examined. Analytical and empirical measurement of technical production characteristics of transit services supply is carried out in Part Two. Part Three focuses on transit regulatory reform policy issues.

The book is aimed primarily at an audience of transportation professionals, including economists and planners as well as public policy analysts. It requires, in general, a sound background in economics, mainly microeconomics. Thus graduate students in economics, geography, urban planning and public policy, and advanced undergraduates with good training in economics can best benefit from this book.

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