Series: Studies in Production and Engineering Economics

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Volume . Selecting Electromechanical Drive Systems

Published: 18th March 1991 Editors: A. Horodecki
The assessment and rational choice of electromechanical drive systems requires that technical features as well as economic features be taken into consideration. Other features which also appear in the system of general operation are for instance, ease of transportation, assembly, and maintenance. The boundaries between some of the features mentioned are not always clear cut. By approaching the system in this way however the relative importance of individual features of the system can be analysed. This volume presents an overview of diverse methods for assessing and choosing the proper variants of an electromechanical drive system for various operational machine drives. The design of electric energy production and transmission systems, for both their technical and, to a certain extent, economic properties, together with other features, are taken into account. Relevant index values are determined and assessed for each method. Further chapters give examples of how to formulate target functions; evaluations of working limitations; and reviews of assessment methods and system choices. The methods described in this book adopt a joint formulation approach in reviewing the properties belonging to various feature groups, which is essential in the complex assessment of an electromechanical drive system. The electromechanical drive systems under review are solely those which drive operational machinery.

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