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Volume 9. Comprehensive and Molecular Phytopathology

Published: 9th January 2007 Editors: Yuri Dyakov Vitaly Dzhavakhiya Timo Korpela
Chapter 1 General information on parasitism Y.T. Dyakov Chapter 2 Plant parasite organisms 2a Fungal Plant Pathogens Y.T. Dyakov 2b Bacterial Plant Pathogens Y.T. Dyakov 2c Plant Viruses and Viral Plant Diseases Y.T. Dyakov 2d. Plant Pathogen Nematodes S.V. Zinovieva 2e. Methods of Diagnostics L.A. Scherbakova Chapter 3 Structural basis of plant-pathogen Interactions Y.M. Plotnikova Chapter 4 Phenomenology of Plant-Pathogen Relationships Y.T. Dyakov Chapter 5 Horizontal Pathosystem: Parasite Attack Factors Y.T. Dyakov Chapter 6 Horizontal Pathosystem: Resistance Factors 6a Anatomical-Morphological Factors Y.T. Dyakov 6b Regulation of Ontogenesis and Damage Reparation Y.T. Dyakov 6c Nutrient Values of Infected Organs and Tissues Y.T. Dyakov 6d Biochemical Resistance Factors 6e Chemical classification of Phytoanticipates Y.T. Dyakov 6f Resistance Strategies Y.T. Dyakov 6g Protein Inhibitors of Viruses V.G. Dzhavakhiya and T. Korpela Chapter 7 Vertical Pathosystem: Avirulence Genes and their Products: Molecular Interpretation of Genetic Data Y.T. Dyakov 7a. Abiogenic Elicitors O.L. Ozeretskovskaya 7b. Nonspecific Biogenic Elicitors O.L. Ozeretskovskaya 7c. Endogenous, Plant, or Secondary Elicitors O.L. Ozeretskovskaya 7d. Specific Elicitors Y.T. Dyakov Chapter 8 Vertical Pathosystem: Resistance Genes and their Products. Signal Transduction 8a. Resistance Genes and Susceptible Genes Y.T. Dyakov 8b. Investigation of Resistance genes by the Methods of Classical Genetics Y.T. Dyakov 8c. Molecular Genetics Studies Y.T. Dyakov 8d. Signal Transduction - Signaling Systems O.L. Ozeretskovskaya 8e. G-Proteins O.L. Ozeretskovskaya 8f. Cycloadenilate Signaling Systems O.L. Ozeretskovskaya 8g. MAP-Kinase Signaling Systems Y.T. Dyakov 8h. Ca-Phosphatase Signaling Systems O.L. Ozeretskovskaya 8i. Lypooxygenase s.s. O.L. Ozeretskovskaya 8j. NADPH-oxydase (Superoxyde) s.s. O.L. Ozeretskovaskaya 8k. NO-synthase s.s. O.L. Ozeretskovskaya 8l. Signaling Genetics Y.T. Dyakov 8m. Interactions of the Signaling Systems Inducing by Nonspecific and Specific Elicitors Y.T. Dyakov Conclusion O.L. Ozeretskovskaya Chapter 9. Hypersensitivity L.F. Bagirova Chapter 10. Immune Response 10a. Phytoalexins O.L. Ozeretskovskaya 10b. PR-Proteins O.L. Ozeretskovskaya 10c. Antiviral Proteins Dzhavakhiya 10d. Proteinase Inhibitors O.L. Ozeretskovskaya 10e. Phenylpropanoids and Lignin O.L. Ozeretskovskaya 10f. Hydroxyprolin Reach Glicoproteins O.L. Ozeretskovskaya 10g. SAR O.L. Ozeretskovskaya Chapter 11. Gene Silesings - RNA silencing as a general defense mechanism against pathogen Petri Susi Chapter 12. Virulence Genes and their Products Suppressors (Impedines) O.L. Ozeretskovskaya 12a. Pathotoxins Y.T. Dyakov 12b. Enzymes Y.T. Dyakov Chapter 13. General and Specific Aspects in Plant and Animal Immunity Y.T. Dyakov Chapter 14. Molecular Basis of Plant Immunizations Y.T. Dyakov Chapter 15. Development of Transgenic Plants Resistant to Diseases V.G. Dzhavakhiya

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